Sony Wena Watch – Three Hands Square is Loaded with NFC

Although Sony is not active anymore with Android Wear platform, it is active in different area of smartwatches, Sony introduced yet another follow up of the Sony Wena smartwatch. These smartwatches still has the same hybrid look and design but much smaller intended more for the female market, see the Three Hands Square comes in the popular 22 mm, a smaller 20mm and much smaller 18mm version.

These hybrid smartwatches comes in beautiful design, square and circular design, it comes in steel and leather but with the leather — you lose the steel band’s notification. But still all leather bands are still equipped with NFC support, with FeliCa module is built in. With the stainless steel band, it can receive notifications, as well as the NFC support plus its battery last at least 1 week.

Well for the price, the leather strap that will be available in December cost $74 dollars while for the steel band that is readily available cost around $303 dollars which I think is a bit pricey, while the body is $93 dollars only.


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