[Solutions] Problems with WearFit 2.0 Connecting to Your Smartwatch

[Solutions] Problems with WearFit 2.0 Connecting to Your Smartwatch

One of the most popular support app for Chinese wearable is the WearFit 2.0 app. It is a featured pack application with compatibility to hundreds of newest smartwatches in the market. Whether it is a smartband or smartwatch there is a huge possibility that the device will be using the WearFit 2.0.

With its popularity, problems and issues arises with the use of the app. There are a lot of questions on how to connect and synchronize it with the smartwatch.

WearFit 2.0 app for iOS

Using the App for the firs time, these are the basic steps that you need to follow to connect it with the smartwatch.

How to Connect WearFit 2.0 app with your Smartwatch

1. Download the app iOS/Android

2. Launch the Application/Set Permissions

3. Add your Device and Synchronize it with the Wearable

4. Set Settings and Personalization Options

Here are the Problems and Solutions we Applied with Connecting your smartwatch to WearFit 2.0 and Synchronization with the Smartphone

A. WearFit 2.0 Support App Won’t Recognize the Smartwatch


1. Check app permissions ( Allow the app to access some settings of your phone for the meantime to test it out)

2. Restart your Smartphone and Smartwatch as well

3. Check the platform version supported by your wearable. Usually, newest wearable supports Android 5.0 and above and iOS 8.0 and above.

4. Here is another step I tried when connecting to the support app. It sometimes work when the above steps/procedure did not work.

4.a Go to Bluetooth settings of your phone. Allow Bluetooth access to your device. Go to Bluetooth →Check for “Paired Devices”, if you don’t see your device, please tap “Refresh” and select the chosen device.

B. If the above procedure failed, you can uninstall the app and download a lower version of the WearFit 2.0. As of this writing, the updated app version is 1.7.4

Check this page for the latest .APK file for Android platform, you can download it here

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