Smart Swiss Watch – Review of Feature, Scam or Legit?

Smart Swiss Watch – Review of Feature, Scam or Legit?

We are receiving a lot of queries on this smartwatch, called Smart Swiss Watch. They are asking for a review of the device whether it is worth buying, or it is really a legit smartwatch or worst scam.

But before we tackle on the price and whether the wearable is legit, let us go first with the features of the smartwatch and check whether it is worth buying or not. We check on the Smart Swiss Watch and here are the details about the wearable especially on its specs and features.

The smartwatch if we are not mistaken, looks like the smartwatch we already tackled here in smartwatchspecifications but with a different brand name. So if you are going to asked whether the wearable is just the same or not. Well, it is possible that it is just the same smartwatch with just some minor upgrade.

Anyways, whether the product is the same or not, lets check the features that the Smart Swiss Watch and its functions. The smartwatch has a PC or alloy body with a simple lightweight form factor. It has a silicon watch strap that is removable. The other strap can be remove exposing the direct USB charging connector, for the smartwatch.


It is a very good design as you will not need to an extra charging cable to charge your smartwatch. The only drawback on this one, is that it will be hard for you to get an extra third party strap for the smartwatch, just in case the strap of your smartwatch get rip. For the display, the wearable got a basic specs, not really impressive but just OK.

It has a 1.3″ inch high definition screen with its 240 x 240 pixel resolution. Its product page states that it has a narrow bezel design, giving the smartwatch an exquisite look and good picture quality. We are not sure, but seems like the smartwatch don’t support touch screen operation but more of a touch key, with its touch button key on the bottom part of the screen.

The wearable is marketed as an all in one device, a phone and a health device also. Let’s see whether there is truth on the statement or not.

The smartwatch features promote that it has heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring as well as blood oxygen monitor. Is it precise and provides fast and accurate results? The very low price suggests that it might be using a low-quality sensor or worst maybe it is just providing a random number of your vital stats. So, with its health sensors, don’t rely too much on it, as there is a huge possibility that it’s all bogus, or providing far from accurate results.

When it comes to notifications, well, I guess this one works alright. You can receive real-time messages, get message notifications as well as calls. It also supports social app notifications like WeChat, QQ, Twitter and Facebook.

it also has an automatic activity tracking monitoring accompanied by the calorie and distance tracking Multi-sport mode such as running, sit-up, walking. Basic menu on the smartwatch are, step counter, blood pressure monitor, sports monitoring, messages, settings. Other functions included are camera control, alarm, and more.

Here are the basic specifications of the Smart Swiss Watch that we are able to gather.

Display: 1.3″ inch TFT LCD 240 x 240 pixel resolution

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitor

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery: 7-10 days of normal usage

Direct USB Charging Method

Waterproof Rating: IP67 Waterproof

Our Take on the Smart Swiss Watch

The smartwatch has features the basic notifications and sport functions. When it comes to the design, it has a simple style, basic screen display with support for touch button key. There are some positive reviews on the wearable, but I don’t know if its legit or not, if you are going to ask me, most of the comments are shady so far.

So far, no details on article review or video review of the smartwatch. It might be possible that its the real deal, but for me the price is a bit too high. There are other wearables that has a much better specs and features for half the price. The wearable I think is not a total scam, but just pricey and might take a while to be delivered. This is based on our experienced with other companies with almost the same marketing stunt. If you are interested, we advised you to do some research first before getting one. It is a Smart Swiss Watch but a rebrand. And the word Swiss on the wearable and not really made by Swiss or from Swiss, its all just a marketing stunt. Anyways, I might be wrong…..maybe….

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