Samsung Gear S4 Codename Galileo may come in Two Sizes

Samsung Gear S4 Codename Galileo may come in Two Sizes

The sound of the drum for Samsung Gear S4 is getting louder as another rumour for Gear S4 surface. According to the report, the next model of Samsung Gear wearable, the Samsung Gear S4 codename Galileo will have at least two variants. The two models will be called Frontier and a Classic version, but this time the difference will be obvious, a smaller version and the other one is a much bigger smartwatch probably the LTE version with a similar size to that of the Gear S3.

Right now, under development in the U.S, the classic version will cater those who have a smaller wrist. The design issue has been brought up before with the Samsung Gear S3, when some fans  complain about the huge design of the Gear S3 . I guess Samsung listened to complains of fans and finally will bring a new much compact Samsung Gear wearable with the Samsung Gear S4.

So far, no words on the specifications of the Samsung Gear S4, only few details about the smartwatch leaked online, such as an LTE version, a much smaller design for a possible non-LTE variant, improve sport and fitness, may include swimming feature.

For the released date, just like the Samsung Gear S3, the Gear S4 might be unveiled on the upcoming IFA 2018 this August.

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