Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S4) Might Run Wear OS

Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S4) Might Run Wear OS

Bad news for Tizen OS or shall we say Tizen for wearables, as Samsung might be planning to ditch the struggling O.S on its next wearable. Remember that Tizen is the one that runs on Samsung Gear line-up of Samsung, it was applauded by tech fans as the OS has a very easy to use UI and it is optimized to the hardware of Samsung Gear smartwatches.

It is a polished O.S for smartwatches but Samsung has an issue with it, the Tizen app store lack quality apps. Unlike Androidwear (now WearOS), Samsung is having a hard time enticing developers to develop apps for its homegrown O.S.

The operating system is already several years old but still until now, it lack quality apps especially the popular ones, most of its apps in its arsenal are uploaded by independent developers, unlike WearOS that it doesn’t have a shortage of apps in different categories, even though the OS suffered some setbacks, still developers continuous to update and upload new and exciting apps for the said O.S.

With this, Samsung is said to have partnered again with Google to its upcoming wearable, call “Samsung Galaxy Watch”. Aside from the new OS, there are also some added features on the upcoming Galaxy watch, according to the report, Samsung might employ a new chipset for the wearable, a faster, smaller chip with less power consumption. There is also a rumour that Samsung might include a blood pressure monitor, aside from existing heart rate monitor, additional features might include Bixby support.

So far, there are no reports from Samsung if what will be its key features or when will be the release date. I guess, all we can do is wait and see on the expected release date of the wearable, along -side Galaxy Note 9 on August 2018.

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