[Review]No.1 G8 Smartwatch – A Multi-Mode Smartwatch

Again as expected, No.1 brings a new device with new innovation on its wearables. After the Android based No.1 D7, the company followed it up with the No.1 G8 smartwatch. The smartwatch is the first wearable with 3 modes, a phone mode, bracelet mode and watch mode.

The No.1 G8 has the look of the popular No.1 S9, but under the hood and its features, it is far more better. Well without further ado, read our take on the No.1 G8 smartwatch, its specs and features and why it is a must buy for those who are looking for a new smartwatch with different functions.

Design and Display

Looking at the No.1 G8, you might mistaken it as the No.1 S9, it has the same gear bezel design, the same screen size. They only differ on the physical button design, the strap, as well as the thickness of the G8 due to the SIM and additional sensors and features that has been integrated. It has a 1.3 inch IPS touch screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution which is ok, with the option to adjust the brightness.

It is IP67 waterproof rated, a splash proof but not swim proof body. It has a flexible and soft TPU band with stainless steel buckle.

The smartwatch is loaded with three watch faces only, this is due to memory limit, but you can download some on your smartphone, and load it to your smartwatch easily, there are hundreds of available watch faces for you to download for free online.

Features and Hardware

This is where the No.1 G8 stand-out from the rest, again the best selling features of the No.1 G8 is the three mode option, where users can switch easily from the different options.

Phone Mode – in this mode users can use the G8 as a standalone smartwatch, activating the SIM function of the wearable as well as other connectivity functions.

Bracelet Mode – in bracelet mode, the No.1 G8 works as a companion app for your smartphone, the SIM function is disabled, but it can still received notifications from your smartphone, pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor works.

Watch Mode – the smartwatch acts like a regular wrist watch, Bluetooth and SIM functionaly are both disabled providing more battery life to your No.1 G8.

These multi-mode options can be easily access and switch in the upper physical button of the smartwatch. Overall, the multi-mode allows the users to switch the smartwatch based on its need, the main benefits of this feature is that it saves a lot of resources giving it more battery life.

Regarding about the hardware, the G8 is powered by MTK2502 processor with 32 MB of internal memory, equipped with nano SIM, the smartwatch is compatible with GSM connectivity. Additional features like pedometer, sleep monitor and sedentary alert works ok including notifications, all work as expected. Tools included in the watch are calculator, alarm, calendar.

For the battery life, it is ok in the phone mode, but much more impressive when it is in watch mode, I guess turning off Bluetooth and other connectivity give it more longer standby time.

OverAll – the No.1 G8 is a fully featured smartwatch, its multi-mode function set it apart from other smartwatch product in the market. In terms of the design, the G8 looks good with its gear type looking design. It just average in size, its comfortable to wear with removable bands.

It has three sensors for health and fitness, pedometer, heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor. The OS is simple and includes most of the basic stuff. I guess the only drawback on the G8, is the support app, it relies on the Fundo Wear app, so far based on our test its unstable and frequently disconnect with the smartwatch. Anyways overall it is a great smartwatch that brings new and exciting features on the world of smartwatches.

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