[Review] Zeblaze Vibe II – Affordable Smartwatch with 540 Days of Battery Life

Here we are again to bring you the best and the most affordable smartwatch in the market, one of our feature product today comes from one of the most popular manufacturer of wearables, Zeblaze. If you are not familiar with the company, they brought the popular Zeblaze THOR in the market, an Android based smartwatch with a high-resolution display as well as the large internal storage.

The newest device in their product line-up is the Zeblaze Vibe II, an affordable smartwatch with cool features that smartwatch fans would surely love. Well, if you want to know more about the device, read our review of the Zeblaze Vibe II below.

Design and Display

A long battery life is one of the feature that most of the smartwatch are looking for, another one is the non-intrusive way of providing notifications to the user.

One of the latest smartwatch with these features is the Zeblaze Vibe 2, a follow -up smartwatch of the popular Vibe. The Vibe 2 when it comes to the design, has a beautiful sporty look, the device has a 1.1” inch FSTN, a power saving display that is viewable outdoors even in direct sunlight, and at night it has button to turn on the backlight of the smartwatch. Initial impression on the Zeblaze Vibe 2 is that it has a classy sporty look, it is a well-designed smartwatch with its aluminum zinc alloy body, it looks really sporty plus it is IP67 waterproof up to 50 meters which is a good feature specially for outdoor sport.

When it comes to glass technology, the Vibe 2 uses a Sapphire synthetic mirror plate with hardness of 9H, protecting your smartwatch from accidental bumps and scratches. There when it comes to color options, there are a lot of options to choose from, pick from black, green, blue or silver color, if you are not a fan of its nylon band, don’t worry its interchangeable and it’s easy to find a compatible strap online.

Hardware and Features

Zeblaze did not detailed much on its chip and other sensors, but we have some few important information that will showcase the best of the Zeblaze Vibe 2.

Just like the first Vibe, the Vibe 2 is using a low chip processor, that consumes less power, giving the Vibe 2 an amazing battery life. It can also store data up to 21 days, no worries about synchronizing it right away to the support app to store the data. See complete Specs and Features here.


Providing notifications is similar to Vibe smartwatch, it notifies you with a ceramic buzzing and blinking icons, a non-intrusive way of notifying you. If you check on the features, you can cycle through the option by pressing on the physical buttons (take note: the screen has no support for touch screen).

Cycle through calendar, pedometer, calorie counter, distance counter, alarm (at least 3 alarms can be set) and timer. So far, pedometer works as expected and it automatically counts your steps with some +3/-3 margin of errors. Additional options include a remote camera which is pretty useful for those who are photo selfie craze.

Support App

The smartwatch is compatible both for Android and iOS, well we tested the Android support app the “Sports+” and so far, synchronizing with the device is easy, just make sure that the Bluetooth connection on the smartwatch is activated. The UI of the app is pretty basic, a page for step tracking with graphs to show you your activity for the day, week and month.

You can also set on the settings if you want to receive notifications such as call and message reminder, there are options to activate the notifications from popular social apps such as QQ, WeChat, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.


Unlike other smartwatches that you have to charge every now and then, the Vibe 2 uses a CR2430 Maxell battery with 290 mAh battery capacity. According to Zeblaze, the smartwatch last up to 12 months with the normal usage and with energy saving mode, that is maybe when not in use or the Bluetooth connectivity is off, the smartwatch last up to 18 months that is 540 days, before battery replacement.


The Verdict

The smartwatch is pretty similar to the first version of the Zeblaze Vibe the tech is the same as well as the features and inner workings of the Vibe 2.  I guess the only difference is that the Vibe 2 is sportier and better well designed in my opinion. I also love the nylon strap that comes with the wearable, the 540 days of battery life is a smartwatch fans dream. If you want a smartwatch with a simple feature, yet good looking and don’t forget affordable, the Zeblaze Vibe 2 is on the top 5 list.

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