[Review] Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

[Review] Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

We are a fan  of Bluetooth speakers, especially those portable ones, it is handy, easy to carry as well as you can listen to your favourite music anytime anywhere without the need of cables or any wired connections.

With this, we are intrigue with the popular bar type Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker that we spotted online, luckily we got one from Gearbest.com, this Bluetooth speaker has a good price deal at Gearbest. Anyways, with regards to this speaker, here is our experience with the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers, check our review.

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Having a sleek portable design, I like the design approach of Xiaomi on this Bluetooth speaker, it has a slim bar type look, although not a space saver compared to other Bluetooth speaker in the market but  this one has an elegant design, with a premium feel to it.

It has a unibody aluminium case with a rubber anti-slip footing on the bottom, on the right side are the control buttons, the play/pause/power button, the volume controls forward/backward and the Bluetooth connectivity. On the left side is the aux connection, a mic, micro USB connection for charging and a micro SD port.

Weighing 270 grams, the speaker is a bit heavy but easy to hold and sits perfectly on the surface if you want to just chill and relax, listening to your favourite songs.


Regarding the Bluetooth connection, the speaker is able to connect with other devices with ease. We connected it with different devices like smartphones. (Xiaomi phones, iOS platform –iPhone and iPad and other smartwatches like Amazfit wearbles, and Android smartwatches) and so far it connected fast without any issues with each device.

Sound Output

Despite its compact design, the sound seems like its coming from a huge speaker, its loud and crisp even though the volume is full. According to Xiaomi, the device has a built-in DSP(Digital Signal Processing) with its Anerva AV3102 chipset. The speaker can reach up to 90 db with low distortion, of course just like  any other speakers, the Xiaomi vibrates if it is on full volume.

Based on our experience, only few Bluetooth speakers in this price range can provide quality audio , with the Mi speaker, each music resonates beautifully, although far from a high end speaker when it comes to sound output, still the price and the quality is okay, of course don’t expect the speaker to fill in your room.


The compact housing has a 1,500 mAh battery, although it takes time to change, it is ok as the speaker is able to provide 8 hours of music playback. I just wish Xiaomi could have at least add an LED light bar showing the percentage left/loaded on the device during charging and not just a blinking LED on charging mode.

Our Take

We can’t deny the fact that Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speaker in the market with affordable price. Great sound, solid build and feel and I found it very handy and easy to use. If you are just looking for a Bluetooth speaker for personal or just a speaker to have some means of entertainment on your living room, the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker is not bad at all.


  • Affordable Price
  • Solid Build and Feel
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Loud crisp sound


  • Vibrates on High volume
  • No battery charge status information


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