[Review] No.1 F7 – Multi-Sport GPS Smartwatch

[Review] No.1 F7 smartwatch – Multi-Sport Smartwatch

Dreaming of having a multi-sport as well as an outdoor smartwatch? Well, No.1 has a  new smartwatch with these features, a rugged outdoor wearable loaded with multi-sport mode. Want to know more about the No.1 F7? Check out our review article and video below.


Just like other recent smartwatch from No.1, the F7 has a rugged look similar to that of the No.1 F6, the smartwatch has a steel body enclosed in a protective TPU shell making the smartwatch durable from scratches, bumps, in other words the device is shock proof, pressure proof as well  and dustproof. It has a durable TPU strap with stainless steel buckle. The device has 4 physical buttons to operate the smartwatch with anti-sleep design. Overall the No.1 F7 has an IP67 waterproof rating with a highly sealed frame, perfect for outdoors.

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It is a bit heavy and bulky but of course this is expected with an outdoor smartwatch, still it is comfortable to wear and easy to use.


Having a 0.95” inch OLED screen, with 96 x 64 pixel resolution, the No.1 F7 smartwatch has a color screen, accessing the menus and options via physical buttons only.  It might not be that sharp but its ok, the details are clear and has a crisp colors and text. Please take note that unlike the No.1 F5, the F7 doesn’t support touch screen operation.


The best-selling feature of the No.1 F7 smartwatch is its multi-mode sport, and the built-in GPS makes it a good outdoor smartwatch.

Multi-Sport Mode

The multi-sport mode includes walking, running, table tennis, hiking, basketball as well as cycling. Some of the sports features here work much better with the combination of built-in GPS sensor providing map trajectory and additional information on your outdoor workout.

Aside from multi-sport mode, the F7 has a dynamic heart rate monitor, thermometer, altitude monitoring as well as barometer. These sensors work ok, they are a bit slow in showing the data but they work perfectly.

Another feature that will certainly help you in hiking outdoor is the built-in compass, the No.1 F7 is packed with this option. Take note: You need to calibrate the compass first before using it.

Option to Save and Delete

When you run, cycle or hiking, all of your actions can be save or delete, with the option to synchronize it with the support app.

Long Battery Life

Although it has a color screen display and packed with different sport sensors, the No.1 F7 manage to stay 20 days in just a single charge and about 16 hours with GPS activated. The long battery life is a must especially for an outdoor smartwatch.


The No.1 F7 is a featured pack outdoor smartwatch, it might lack some features but for a basic fitness tracker especially for those who are looking for a tracker that is able to track running, cycling with GPS the No.1 F7 is a good pick.

The battery life is also a plus, which is pretty cool compared to other smartwatch with the same features. It is a durable smartwatch which makes it a perfect combination for your fitness and health routine.







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