[Review] No.1 F13 Smartwatch -Multi-Sport Waterproof Smartwatch

[Review] No.1 F 13 Smartwatch -Multi-Sport Waterproof Smartwatch


No.1 continuous to develop sporty looking smartwatches with multi-sport features and one of the latest is the No.1 F13, a fashionable and sporty as well. The No.1 F13 has a rugged design and feel to it but it is not as bulky as the No.1 F7 device.

The F13 has more seamless design, less contour it is much more elegant looking compared to F7, let us say that it is more sexy looking. Still, it has that 4 physical buttons to navigate plus a touch key on the bottom of the screen’s smartwatch.

On the bottom is a stainless steel cover and a heart rate monitor and a connector for magnetic charging cable. Overall, the smartwatch has an IP68 waterproof rating allowing it to be submerged up to 50 meters making it an ideal partner for your swimming and outdoor activities.


The device has a 1.0 “ inch TFT LCD, it is a color screen display with a touch key method of operation. The smartwatch has a circular body and bezel but the screen display is square blending on the black background of the device. So far, the display screen is ok, it is clear and sharp but slightly unclear when it is under the sunlight. Unlike the previous smartwatch of No.1, the No.1 F13 display is protected by a spherical sapphire glass giving it a more elegant look.

Hardware and Features


The smartwatch is powered by Nordic 51822 processor and with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. So far using the device is pretty easy, there are some changes on the menus compared to F7 and previous smartwatches by No.1 with the same O.S but I think  the changes made it easy to use and navigate on the menus and option.

Connection also to the support app of No.1 is also much easy with their own support app, although still the UI and options are still few but synchronizing it with your smartwatch is a breeze.


Aside from the beautiful look of the No.1 F13, the smartwatch has the multi-mode sport that fans are excited about. Below are the lists of sport and health features.

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Climbing
  •  Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Football
  •  Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis

Aside from the above feature the No.1 F13 has an automatic step monitoring accompanied with calorie counter and distance counter. Heart rate monitoring includes the option to monitor your heart rate dynamically . Additional health features are sedentary reminder and water reminder.

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I don’t  know why No.1 did not include a built-in GPS to this beautifully designed smartwatch, I think with the addition of built-in GPS or just an option to activate the GPS during workout, the No.1 F13 could have been much better.


For the battery life, despite its wide color screens and touch key support, the No.1 F13 is able to managed 25 days of battery life in just a single charge. But the juice only last several weeks if sport features such as walking or running is used more often.

Unlike the No.1 F7, the F13 has a built-in GPS that consumes more power making wearable only last a day when it is activated.


In terms of design,  the smartwatch is far more better compared to previos smartwatches by No.1, the No.1 F13 is more polished much better display screen as well as with more responsive menus.

The battery is also good having a long standby time, I guess the only missing in this smartwatch that makes it a truly outdoor smartwatch is a built-in GPS. In terms of price it is affordable compared to other offerings with the same features. It is waterproof smartwatch with the basic sport tracking feature.


  • Sharp and Clear Display
  • Waterproof Feature
  • Dedicated Support App
  • Long Battery Life

  • No Built-in GPS
  • Few personalization  option

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