[Review] Makibes G03 Plus Smartband – GPS+ Multi-Sport Fitness Tracker

 [Review] Makibes G03 Plus Smartband – GPS+ Multi-Sport Fitness Tracker


It is the latest smartband from Makibes with built-in GPS, the Makibes G03 Plus, just like the first generation G03, the Makibes G03 Plus has a much wider body to accommodate all its sensors, including the GPS and other sport monitoring option. It looks sporty and has a feel of an outdoor fitness tracker with its silicon strap and a thick durable body.

To operate the smartband, the Makibes G03 Plus has two buttons to select and navigate and a touch key button to cycle to the different menus as well as to select an option.


The smartband G03 Plus is a huge improvement over the G03 when it comes to screen display, still it has the 0.96” inch display but with the G03 Plus, the display has a TFT LCD color screen, yes the display becomes much more attractive and pleasing to the eye, that goes with the trend for fitness tracker.

Still it has 128 x 64 pixel resolution, but with the color screen upgrade it becomes much better. The smartband has a touch key method of operation and two TPU buttons to navigate and select on the menus and options.

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Health and Fitness

If you have been following Makibes and the world of smartband in general, the first version Makibes G03 is very popular due to its fitness features plus the built-in GPS makes it very irresistible to fitness fans. With the Makibes G03 Plus, I think it will yield the same results or much better due to its health and fitness features. Below are some of its features and specs of the Makibes G03 Plus

Multi—Mode Sports

At least 5 sports are included in G03 Plus, walking, running, hiking, cycling, swimming and an option for ball games. The running, hiking, cycling has the built-in GPS support tracking, it can track your activities and provide map to trajectory of your work-out. (see screenshot below)

Heart Rate Monitor

The smartband also includes heart rate sensor with the option to make it dynamic to monitor your heart rate continuously during work-out.


Automatically tracks your steps, and accompanied with distance, calorie monitoring, the result is ok with just minor discrepancies on the results especially when you are running or too much movement.


The Makibes G03 Plus is able to receive call and message notifications, with the G03 Plus showing caller ID for calls, and an option to read messages on SMS and other message notifications. The option can be set on the support app for social app notifications.


The Makibes G03 Plus is one of the latest smartband in the market with affordable price. For those who don’t like a smartwatch but want a GPS tracker for their work-out, the G03 Plus is a good pick, it is lightweight sporty looking smartband with several options.

The standby time is about 5 days, but with GPS it’s only 6 hours, it might be short but I think it’s enough to track your work-out for the day. The IP68 waterproof rating is a plus making it suitable for swimming as well as outdoor sports.


  • Multi-Sport Mode
  • Built-in GPS
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Dynamic Heart rate
  • Color Screen

  • Non Scratch Proof Screen
  • Basic App Support
  •  Complicated Operation (menus)

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