Radley London Fitness Tracker – A Light Fashionable Wearable

Radley London Fitness Tracker

Radley London is popular due to its beautiful fashionable items. From handbags, purses, footwear to jewelry. And not their watch category added smartwatches to their product line-up to avoid getting left behind in innovation.

Radley smartwatch, an activity tracker that they market. It is in their series 1 activity tracker model. We decided to take a look at the design and features, and here is our initial take on the Radley smartwatch.

Looking at the wearable, the Radley London Fitness Tracker is available in different strap color options. The body is available in black only but its strap is available in black, pale pink, and sporty denim blue. Its design is very familiar, looking like the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with its capsule like body.

It has a full-color screen display with touch button and in a combination with the touch screen display. It is a full-color screen display, and with clear, crisp text. Just like the Mi Band 4, you need to remove the capsule-like body in order to charge the device to its proprietary charging cable.

Although the company did not state the total weight of the band, based on the design/size and material we are pretty sure that the Radley London Fitness Tracker is pretty light and comfortable to wear. It is a splash-proof wearable with a basic waterproof feature.


Here are the features of the Radley London Fitness Tracker

It has the basic call and message notifications, and we do believe that it also supports social app notifications with toggle option available in the support app.

Health and fitness functions included are activity tracking with support for calories, distance and step monitoring. It also has a heart rate monitor and sleep monitoring. Its multi-sport mode include running, walking, cycling and hiking. Additional functions included are alarm, live weather updates and phone locator.

The smartwatch also comes with its own support app. You can download the Radley London Watch app available both in iOS and Android platform. With the battery life, the wearable last up to 7 days in just a single charge.

To make it feel and look premium, the Radley London Fitness Tracker comes with a premium and exclusive Radley London Gift box, and with 12 month manufacturer guarantee.

Radley London

Radley London Fitness Tracker Specifications

LCD Screen Size: 0.96″ inch

RAM/ROM: 512K /32K

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Battery: 90 mAh built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Standby time: 10 days

The Radley London Fitness tracker does have a lightweight design, and with an affordable price. It got the basic features, an exclusive support app as well as striking, sporty colorful straps. The wearable is simple but it does the job, with a price that is just right on the budget.

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