Q988 Smartwatch -Sporty, Rugged Wearable

Q988 Smartwatch -Sporty, Rugged Wearable

Here is an outdoor sport smartwatch packed with sport and health functions. The wearabe has a rugged design, sporty look. If you are in a hunt for an outdoor smartwatch that has a rugged look, fall proof design, you might want to check the Q998 Smartwatch.


The Q998 smartwatch has a sporty, rugged design. It is an outdoor smartwatch with durable TPU body. It is built for outdoors, rugged, durable and can withstand bumps, and falls. Acccording to its product page, the smartwatch has a military grade three proof design. It can withdstand almost all kind of extreme weather conditions. The wearable is dustrpoof, waterproof and fall proof.

It is waterproof up to 30 meters. When it comes to looks, the smartwatch has a masculine look, it measures 55.6 x 54.1 x 18.3, and weighs 65 grams. Two physical buttons on the side with camera in between. For color options, pick from classic balck, denim blue and an army green camouflage color that outdoor fans wull surely love.

Q998 Smartwatch


When it comes to display, the smartwatch has a 1.28” inch TFT LCD display screen with sharp, crisp colors. Its a full circular screen display with a 240 x 240 pixel resolution. Bright screen display with brightness adjustments.


The Q998 Smartwatch runs the SL8521e processor with 512 MB of ROM, 4 GB of RAM. For its connectivity, the wearable supports GSM/CDMA with its nano sim support. It also has a Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, compatible with Android and iOS platform.

For its sensors, the smartwatch has a g-sensor, blood pressure as well as blood oxygen sensor. When it comes to battery life, the wearable has 600 mAh battery with 4-5 daus of standby time and 2-3 days of normal usage.

Features of Q998 Smartwatch

With its nano SIM, have an independent call and message with its 4G support. Users can directly initiate call in the wearable, and at the same time receive calls and messages without the need of connectivity to the smartphone.

Automatic Activity Tracking and Sports Mode

Aside from sports mode, the wearable supports automatic step tracking accompanied by calories and distance counter. With regards to sports, the wearable has running, swimming, and basketball.

The smartwatch also supports emergency SOS. It has a physical button on the side that can be press for 4 seconds, an emergency alarm is activagted for SOS.

Other functions included are alarm, timer, sedentary reminder, as well as sleep monitoring, preloaded watch faces and more.

Q998 Smartwatch Specifications

Dimension: 55.6 x 54.1 x 18.3

Display: 1.28″ inch, IPS LCD, 240 x 240 pixels

Processor: SL8521e

Memory: 512 MB DDR3, EMMC 4 GB

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1, 4G with its nano SIM card

Waterproof Rating: IPX7 Waterproof

Battery: 600 mAh

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