[PHOTOS] iQi Will Launch the I3 Smartwatch Soon

iQi is one of the Chinese companies that is gaining attention in its wearables, they made it right with their iQI I2, the smartwatch with its sleek premium look and great hardware specs, with its success iQI plans to launch another iQi wearable from the I series.

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According to iQi, the company will release the iQI I3 smartwatch soon, we think that the watch is somewhat the sporty version of the recent iQi I2 smartwatch as well as the Q2. We have several photos of the iQI I3 and it looks really sporty with a rubber watch strap. The photos revealed some features based on its look, are speaker on the side, a watch crown possible home/power button and a heart rate monitor on the bottom.

Well we do have the preliminary specs of the watch, iQi gave us a sneak peek on its hardware specs and features. Just like the iQI I2, the watch is powered by the 1.3 Ghz Quadcore MTK6580 proocessor, it is also SIM capable, supports BT headset, GPS and other functions you see in iQI I2 smartwatch. Unlike the I2 the I3 has a much wider screen and with a higher resolution, a 400 x 400 pixel screen. Anyways we will bring you more details and updates on the specs, we will provide you with an indepth review of the watch soon as we get our hands on the iQi I3 smartwatch. Stay tuned…


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