[PHOTO] Is this No.1 G6 Smartwatch?

If you are a fan of No.1 smartwatch or any other affordable Chinese brand smartwatch, I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the latest watch by No.1 , the No.1 G5 a sport looking watch powered by MTK2502 and running the Linkit operating system. It’s a good looking watch with cool features for an affordable price tag.

Well we don’t know if No.1 G5 is a success when it comes to sales but one thing is for sure, No.1 will not end the G series smartwatch with the G5, a leaked photos suggest that No.1 is preparing for another round of G series watch, the No.1 G6 smartwatch. A leaked photo shows a different design from the G5, the No.1 G6 has a much wider bezel with numeric time on the bezel itself, similar to LG G Watch R.


We can conclude that the watch has an interchangeable watch band, a stainless steel body (hopefully) and a much higher specs, probably there will be more changes on the memory, processor as well as in the battery section.

So far no words yet from the No.1 company whether they have plans of releasing the No.1 G6 this month or at the end of the year, or hinted of some possible changes on the upgrade. Anyways all we can do is wait and see so stay tuned here at Smartwatchspecifications.com for more updates.


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