Peakfun Smartwatch, Circular Model- 18 Sports Mode!

Peakfun Smartwatch, Circular Model- 18 Sports Mode!

Here is one of the fully-loaded smartwatch from Peakfun. The Peakfun Smartwatch circular mode, this sporty smartwatch is featured-packed especially on its sport feature. This circular design smartwatch looks premium with its full black color body, sporty strap with steel enclosure. It has a slim design, clean design body with just only a single physical button on the side. With regards to the bezel, it looks like an outdoor sport smartwatch with its chronotype bezel design.

The Peakfun smartwatch is a full waterproof smartwatch with IP67 waterproof rating, fully protected, full sealed zinc alloy body that is lightweight and durable.


Based on its product page, the Peakfun smartwatch has a full circular screen display. The wearable has a 1.3″ inch high definition screen display, 240 x 240 pixel resolution large screen display. According to Peakfun, the display provides a beautiful field of vision, bright and vivid display, smoother and responsive menus. On top of the 1.3″ inch is a crystal clear tempered glass screen.

Before we dive into its features especially in the sport and health section, let us check first its hardware.

Below are the basic specifications of the Peakfun smartwatch, circular model.

Processor: Realtek 8762C

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate sensor, blood pressure sensor, SPO2 sensor

Display: 1.3″ TFT-LCD, with 240 x 240 IPS Full Touch Screen

Battery Capacity: 200mAh Normal Usage:5days, 30 Days Standby Time

Waterproof: IP67

Compatible System: Android 4.4 and Above, iOS 9.0 and Above

Support app: AdorHealth

So far, the smartwatch has good specs, the display resolution is just ok, sort of on the average side. It has the Realtek 8762C processor which we think is enough to provide the smartwatch the processing speed that it need. It also got the health sensors that we need, but we hope that they have added an ambient mode sensor. But anyway we are pretty sure that there is a brightness adjustment in the settings.

For its battery life, the 30 days standby time is amazing, still, the 5-day battery life is in the average but I guess it could last over a week if other sensors are not activated, and time and basic step tracking is the only thing that is working.

Going back to the features of the smartwatch, here are the functions of the Peakfun smartwatch


Features of the Peakfun Smartwatch

The smartwatch has automatic activity tracking, it is able to keep track of your steps, with distance and calorie counter. It also has a goal section, where you can see if you already reached your step goal for the day.

If you are into sports, the Peakfun smartwatch is a perfect partner with its comprehensive option for sports activities. It has at least 18 sports mode, pick from indoor to outdoor activities.

It has walking, indoor running, outdoor running, cycling, basketball, football, fitness, swimming, badminton, tennis, rugby, gold, spinning bicycle, weightlifting, roller skating, dance, yoga and hiking. There is no built-in GPS for its sports but you can still keep track of your location with its support for connected GPS.

For its health functions, the smartwatch has a heart rate monitoring function, it also has blood pressure monitor and SpO2 monitor, it provides real-time monitoring. With the option to provide an alert with an excessive heart rate. Smart sleep monitoring, record your sleep habit with this function, check the deep sleep, light sleep and the waking times.

Here are other premium features of the Peakfun smartwatch

Call and message notifications, support to social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Twitter and Instagram.

Weather forecast, check the current weather conditions. The smartwatch provides real-time report when it is connected to your smartphone. For Bluetooth functions, it has a music control, pause, play, stop or increase the volume with this feature. Make your smartwatch a remote control for photos with the Bluetooth photo control.

Initial Review on the Features of the Peakfun Smartwatch

So far, when it comes to features, the Peakfun smartwatch is fully loaded with the absence of GPS. But in terms of activity and sport, we are contented with its offering, The display might not be that impressive but enough to provide information and ease of functionality for navigation and option. With its health sensors, just like other smartwatches we don’t rely too much on the accuracy of its blood pressure and blood oxygen, so far the heart rate and step counter is the only one that provide clear results. It is amazing that the smartwatch has a very affordable price, with its its fully loaded health and sports offering.

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