Oppo Watch Series – More Specifications and Images Revealed

Oppo Watch Series – More Specifications and Images Revealed


Oppo has finally revealed a clear image of the smartwatch,  on Twitter handle of Oppo, the company finally showed at least two colors of the wearable black and rose gold colors. The message on the Twitter “Its time to say Hello to Oppo Watch”. With the date and time of the unveiling, the smartwatch will be unveiled along side Oppo Find X2.

The Oppo Watch images shows a sleek rectangular design with two physical buttons on the side. The curved 3D glass is very obvious on the images shared on Twitter. Remember that Oppo VP Tweeted last month that the 3D glass of the smartwatch will be a game changer.

Anyways, the smartwatch from Oppo is being tag by so called tech experts saying it’s a copycat of Apple Watch, it looks exactly like an Apple watch. But I think, with the recent images, it is very different from Apple Watch. Self-proclaim tech experts saying the above statement is just plain stupid.

Looking at the image, it doesn’t have a crown button that we see on the Cupertino’s wearable. Instead, the Oppo Watch has two physical pill shape buttons on the side and plain minimalist on the other side. When it comes to the display, it has a 3D glass, a hyperboloid display that make it unique among smartwatches. I don’t know if it serves a purpose or just plain aesthetics but one thing if for sure, the screen display is not an Apple watch copycat.

Oppo Watch SPecs

The images showed on Weibo revealed some few specifications of the Oppo watch. The display is a 1.91” inch screen with curved edges, it has 326 PPI. Based on the image, it has 100% DCI-P3 color gamut. The report that the Oppo Watch will run WearOS has not yet been confirmed, we are still trying to verify it, we are trying to reach the company for verification.

Stay tuned on March 6, 2020, as we bring you the latest news on Oppo Watch series, here at smartwatchspecifications.com.




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