3D Glass Screen of Oppo Smartwatch Leaked Online

3D Glass Screen of Oppo Smartwatch Leaked Online

Smartwatch fans are getting excited as another, details about the upcoming Oppo smartwatch leaked online. Remember, that we wrote several articles on the Oppo smartwatch showing some rendered images of the wearable.

The preview image tweeted by Oppo VP Brian Shen, confirmed the inevitable released of the smartwatch. According to Brian, the glass display of the smartwatch and its design is a game changer. Based on the image, the smartwatch has a rectangular design, having a 3D display glass and its body, has two physical button probably a power button and navigation button. Other sources are saying that the upcoming smartwatch by Oppo when it comes to design and features will compete with Apple watch in different levels.

If you remember, Oppo is expected to unveil its product including smartphones in MWC 2020 but got cancelled due to COVID-19. Oppo delayed the announcement and move it to a possible March unveiling along with its smartphone products.

Oppo Smartwatch
courtesy Slashleaks

Anyways, every now and then, images and bits of information about the upcoming Oppo wearable shows up online. These leaked details bout the smartwatch at least quenches our thirst, our curiosity on the upcoming smartwatch. So expect that more information will be leaked online as the unveiling date is getting closer.

3D Curved Display – Might be A Game Changer

The latest leaked information, shows a new 3D glass courtesy by Slashleaks. The glass part shows the glass panel and the obvious 3D shape similar to the rendered images shown by Brian on his tweets. Read the details here. If this is the real deal, I think the Oppo smartwatch will be the first smartwatch in the industry to have this 3d glass. It will certainly going to be a game changer and might be a contender for the best design smartwatch for 2020.

The rumored release date of the Oppo smartwatch will be on March 6, 2020. Tuned in as we wait for the announcement by Oppo on their exclusive product that might happen next week.

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