No.1 Unveiled its Upcoming Smartwatches

Great news for the fans of No.1, if you are one of the avid fans of No.1 waiting for its upcoming wearables, well great news as No.1 unveiled its new and upcoming smartwatches, some has been introduced already and on a pre-sale while other is still under development.

So what are the new and upcoming smartwatches by No.1? Well aside from the No.1 S9 (Watch out for our review), and the D7 Android based smartwatch. The No.1 F3 will be available soon, a smartwatch that is similar to No.1 F2 but much thinner.

Under the development is the No.1 G8, a smartwatch with different modes and with a blood pressure monitoring which is first in No.1 wearables. No.1 also unveiled its plans for No.1 D8, a sport version of the No.1 D7 smartwatch, as well as the No.1 D5 Pro which we are intrigued with “Borderless Bezel”.

No.1 continued its line of fitness bracelet/smartband with the No.1 F4, with special straps that is removable. If you have been waiting for a 4G smartwatch, the No.1 D10 is the smartwatch to get to be followed by No.1 D11. I don’t know of it’s a typo or not, but based on the report, the No.1 D11 is the last Android smartwatch by No.1, an affordable Android based smartwatch.

If this is true, the question is, will No.1 going to say goodbye to Android OS for its smartwatches? Will they develop their own OS for its wearables, or go with Android Wear or Tizen OS? What do you think? Stay tuned…


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