NO.1 Teased its Upcoming NO.1 G7 Smartwatch

After the success of NO.1 G6, NO.1 is already prepping the unveiling of its next smartwatch. On its social media page, NO.1 teased the NO.1 G7, a rectangular design, with a classic look, somewhat like a version of NO.1 D6 smartwatch. So far NO.1 did not give much detail on this new smartwatch, but based on the photos, the NO.1 G7 smartwatch has a interchangeable watch band, it can also be customized to make it like a pocket watch, where you can remove the straps and accessorize it, change it to a chain,  somewhat like a necklace.


The G series version based on the smartwatches of NO.1 are all in the affordable price version, so expect that the NO.1 G7 will not be any different, we can conclude that it’s like the inexpensive version of the NO.1 D6, price expected for the NO.1 G7 will be on $30-$40 dollar range. So far we can only wait and see right, there is a possibility that it will be unveiled this coming Christmas season.


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