No.1 S10 Smartwatch In-Depth Review

No.1 S10 Smartwatch In-depth Review

Recently we have received the newest product from our favorite wearable company the No.1, this Chinese brand has been known for manufacturing smartwatches that caters different tastes of consumers from producing trendy designs to high-end to budget friendly smartwatches. Among those amazing products, we have received their latest innovation the S10 smartwatch which is a combination of a high-end design in a budget-friendly price.

The S10 sports a steel bezel in a circular touch screen and it comes in different types of band which you can choose to incorporate in your style from a steel band, silicone band and leather band. The different bands can sports a business style to sporty one. The S10 can be your best companion anywhere you go because this smartwatch is packed with amazing features may it be for fitness, sports activities or just simply as a health reminder. We are just getting started with its features!


It comes in a white small square box which is portable enough to fit in your baggage if you happen to be the type who travels a lot; it’s very chic and simple. The design of the box is nothing extra so simple yet inside the box awaits elegance and innovation. So inside is the elegant S10 smartwatch , USB Charger and a manual which will guide you to set-up this smartwatch.

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The No.1 S10 sports smartwatch a 1.3 inch multi-point screen that comes in a Corning Glass screen and it’s a stainless bezel that has 316 stainless steel vacuum coating and 45 process 113 process to make it the best of its kind. When classic design meets technology, the design is effortlessly fashionable, and they take a classic design of a smartwatch and pumped up it with different style of bands; Stainless band, Silicone Band and Leather Band, switch it up anytime from business to sports to leisure.

The wearable is comfortable enough to my wrist; the bands are designed to be detachable so no need for tools to change it in different style. I didn’t experience any rash or redness when I wore it from morning till I sleep. I had to so I could test the Sleep Monitor feature of this smartwatch.

When technology meets the traditional, the S10 runs on Nordic NRF52832 processor with 512 KB of ROM and 64KB or RAM and has advanced network connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 which clearly is an integration of innovation on a smartwatch.

Thanks to its 240 x 240 resolution display when we tested it under a lighted environment, well let’s say it was a very sunny afternoon we still get to see clearly the screen display and effortlessly set-up the settings and even tested if we could read the notifications very well and it does not disappoint.

What we liked about this when we tested it, we managed to test the Ip68 waterproof feature and it did not disappoint us, this wearable can be submerging in pool areas without harming it.


This elegant smartwatch offers different features that will help you monitor your own health, try different sports and track your progress at the same time make you stay connected with all your apps. It features HRM that adopt global image sensor which uses a new heart rate algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence that give you a real-time feedback of your heart rate as well as your Blood pressure.

This kind of technology gives accurate heart rate and blood pressure which you can use as a basis on the training or sports that you should do to keep you healthy. With its Multi-functional app you can customize your very own training activity based on your physical health and it can also give advice’s on scientific fitness and workout plan. The S10 is the best companion to take with you on your journey to a healthier you.

It has also other health parameters like monitoring the Calories you burn; it can also tell you about your sleep quality. The S10 amazed with about this feature, I was really curious about the quality of sleep that I have, unfortunately I need to work on it, and thanks to this smartwatch I was able to know that I need to hibernate soon.

The S10 supports multi sports mode that you can set and track records like; Hiking, Pedometer, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cycling, Running and Football. Accurate data recording of exercise calories , distance and pedometer Clear Velocity curve as well as on the maximal oxygen uptake, training effect and recovery time is possible thanks to its innovative sports science.


Aside from loads of health parameters and sports the S10 has other helpful features that are designed to make life a breeze. It can remind you to get up and drink some water by vibrating this is on its sedentary and drinking remind feature. You can set it as an alarm clock it will also vibrate or ring when it’s already time.

Stay connected with WeChat or smartphone, with its advanced Bluetooth 4.2 you can receive notifications if you have new chat messages and don’t miss anything by receiving messages or calls from your smartphone, you can even have multiple dial. Control your smartphone to take photos by using the S10 remote camera and take multiple photos without using any selfie sticks.


The 350 mAh built-in battery capacity can provide amazing power to cater all those features up to 12 days of battery life. This battery can be fully charged within an hour, so you can enjoy those features right away.

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