No.1 F5 Smartwatch Review – Multi-Sport Mode + Built-in GPS

Finally, No.1 released its first affordable smartwatch equipped with built-in GPS, a wearable that is a mixed between a smartwatch and a smartband. Introducing, the No.1 F5 smartwatch, a rugged smartwatch designed for outdoor sports and fitness. Well, just like other cool No.1 F5 wearables, we are here to provide you a full review of the No.1 F5 smartwatch.


The No.1 F5 is one of the smartwatches of No.1 with a power saving screen having a 0.95” inch, 96 x 64 pixel OLED screen. It is a color OLED screen that has a sharp display with good viewing angle, but just like other OLED display, the No.1 F5 smartwatch slightly suffers when it is outdoor, especially in direct sunlight. The display according to No.1 , it is coated with third generation Corning Gorilla glass making it durable from scratches as well crystal clear display.


The smartwatch is lightweight and very comfortable to use, having a carbon fiber body, known for being lightweight but without compromising its durability.

Operating mode for the F5 is the two physical buttons on the side, a home/power button and a return button, aside from physical buttons, there is also touch key support on top of the screen. The smartwatch has a quick release pin two tone strap with stainless steel buckle, it is sporty and found it very comfortable to wear.

Hardware and Features

The No.1 F5 smartwatch is powered by the NORDIC NRF52822 processor, a low power consumption processor, giving the F5 more battery life. Notifications and synchronization with your smartphone  is also fast with its Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, receive notifications and alert fast with its push notifications and its vibrating motor, that I think is strong enough to alert you.


One of the best selling features of the No.1 F5 is the built-in GPS, with it no need to bring your smartphone with you, track your trajectory with just your watch. Having the No.1 F5 makes it easy for you to workout outdoors and track your trajectory. With the combination of HPlus App, you can check your trajectory MAP of your workout on your smartphone.


Unlike other smartwatches and smartband that relies on the support app for data such as temperature, air pressure and altitude. The No.1 F5 was able to load these sensors including the heart rate and pedometer in the compact small body of the smartwatch. During our test, everything works ok, the temperature and the altitude, I just wasn’t able to verify the air pressure sensor of the watch. The result is in real time but it is not that instantaneous, it’s a bit delayed but all works OK.

Additional Features

Just like other fitness tracker of No.1, such as No.1 F5, the smartwatch has a multi-mode sport such as walking, running, hiking, cycling, treadmill, volleyball, tennis and soccer. The multi-mode is one of the best feature of No.1 F5, the running , walking and cycling works better with the combination of built-in GPS of the smartwatch. See full specifications of the No.1 F5 smartwatch


No.1 F5 works well when it comes to notifications, the smartwatch notifies you with a mild vibration, the messages pop-ups to your device instantly. You can check the messages right on the device, scroll through the rest of the messages by tapping on the button key on the top of the wearable. For the call, you have the option to set whether you want to receive call notifications or not, this is done via the support app.


Due to lower power consumption processor, a power saving OLED screen, No.1 F5 is able to reach at least 30 days of standby time. During our test, the smartwatch has several weeks of battery even if the GPS is activated during the workout.

The smartwatch scores high, making the F5 ideal for outdoor sport especially if it’s an outdoor activities where your location don’t have a power source to charge your smartwatch.


The smartwatch is a lightweight smartwatch that works more of a fitness tracker than a regular smartwatch. It is equipped with multi-sport mode, a built in GPS making it an ideal wearable for your fitness and health workout. I think the only issue with the device is using the GPS for workout, it works well and able to track your trajectory, but it is not user friendly, using and activating the GPS is a bit confusing especially after you are done and want to save your activities. Overall it’s a good smartwatch considering the price, the built-in GPS although not user friendly is able to do its job.

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