No.1 DT58 Smartband In-Depth Review

No.1 DT58 Smartband In-Depth Review

A few days ago No. 1 Company sent us their newest addition to their amazing product; it’s the DT58 Smart Bracelet. The company decided to launch the DT58 smart watch in addition to their DT28 smarwatch. The DT58 has been trending and received a lot of love since it was launched.

This fitness tracker is packed with amazing features and we are happy to have experienced this one of a kind smart bracelet, thanks to the No.1 Company for sending us our very own. It comes in classic white color but you can also pick other colors, the DT58 is also available in Blue and Black colors.

No.1 DT58 smartband

This device can sport different scene, may it before business, sports or leisure.  If you happen to be like someone who’s looking for a smart bracelet, which adopts different features. Features like a fitness tracker, sports tracker and a health tracker and at the same time offers a fair pair the DT58 has all of these to offer. Here’s our take with our own experience with this smart bracelet.

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It comes in a usual small square box which is small enough to fit in your bag; however what’s inside is not the usual smart bracelet. The box design is simple, nothing extra about it but they see to it that inside is well protected from any falling and scratching. Inside is the No.1 DT58 smartband, user manual guide, the DT58 has no cable charger because you can remove it from the strap and charged it as direct USB type of charging.


This fitness tracker is equipped with a large 1.14 inch LCD screen which is quite large for a fitness tracker that is why it’s dubbed as “ world’s first large screen fitness tracker”. The large screen is combined with a 240 x 135 resolution. An advantage for a large screen is you can see every detail clearly and with a resolution like this backs up the screen in a colorful vibrant crisp display.

The screen is one touch enabled at the bottom of the screen, this used to switch features that you want to use at the same time it shows and use as an electrode for the ECG removal function. The second electrode can be found at the bottom of the tracker.

When it comes to its design this fitness tracker it comes in rectangular dial and has a unique grid design on its straps which gives distinct feature the DT58. The rectangular dial encased high-grade material which is soft and comfortable to wear.

The band is of carbon fiber silicone strap its skin friendly even after long hours of wearing it did not irritate my skin, very lightweight and weighs only 2.56 g. The band was design to be comfortable to wear even to sleep. I had to wear it even to sleep to test the sleep monitoring feature; my skin has no allergic reaction to its strap and because its light weight, I didn’t even noticed I was wearing.

Simple yet packed with strong hardware components, the best technology you will get. It runs on Nordic NRF52832 and packed with amazing sensors to accurately monitor data like Heart rate Sensor or Bd1668 G-Sensor and or Motion Sensor. The smartband claims IP68 water resistant and dust resistant, resistant up to 10 meters when used or getting the band wet. Take note that it should be dry first before wearing it, so your skin will be free from being irritated.


The No.1 DT58 smartband offers different features that will guide you, help you monitor your own health, fitness tracker, different sports mode, tells you about the weather and variety of features in one app that will records all you’re tracking data.

One of the powerful features is real-time heart rate and blood pressure test. This smart bracelet can reveal your blood pressure which be used as a guide for your own health. With its Hplus app’s Blood Pressure Map you can check your recorded data and get an idea of your health status.

We used this and compared the result with an actual sphygmomanometer the result is quite close (just let the smartband stationary on your wrist). It offers and ECG data collection with PPG measurement technology can detect your ECG accurately. Combined with PPG and HRV measurement can easily track ECG with hands-on DT58 without burdensome medical machine. However this device as claim did not intended for medical purposes just a simple guide.

No.1 Dt58 smartband

The DT58 offers 7 major exercise modes: outdoor running, walking, basketball, football, cycling, city running and mountain climbing. As unique as the design the DT58 sports customizable clock faces, you can choose in variety of clock faces using its Hplus app to display the chosen one.

It can be used as your very own weather forecast, with the DT58 there’s no limit when you want to exercise either indoor or outdoor. Use this fitness tracker to check current weather altitude, air pressure and ultraviolet report of the city you live in and enjoy getting your fitness goal.

The No.1 DT58 smartband also can help you achieved your fitness goals in a more calm and relaxing way through breathing sessions. This fitness tracker can be your personal breathing guide based on your heart rate data. This was very effective when I tried; it was a very relaxing and comforting breathing session. Once a while let’s try to pause and sit back and be calm.

Its app offers variety of features that you can set and with this one app you check and take note of your progressed with all the recorded data. You can use it as a reference if there’s any improvement or if you have achieved your goals.


Aside from fitness, sports and health tracker the DT58 also offers features like sleep monitoring, counting steps, consumed calories and traveled distance. Stay connected with your own mobile phone and don’t miss anything with Bluetooth connectivity the DT58 accepts call and message notifications. Used it as your own alarm clock as it will lightly vibrate and wake you according to the time you had set. It can be your own personal selfie stick as it can be used as remote control for your mobile phone.


It has battery capacity of 120 mAh, the No.1 DT58 smartwatch can operate up to 20 days of standby time and it will lasts up to 5 to 7 days upon normal use. It took about a week or so when in used, this is just based on our experienced. The DT58 can be removed from the straps and charged it same as USB charging method. See the full specifications here



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