N78 Pro Max Smartwatch – Bluetooth Call, Sporty Design

N78 Pro Max Smartwatch – Bluetooth Call, Sporty Design

We have here a new series 7 with a different design but still packed with the latest sensors and features check the N78 Pro Max smartwatch, see the review of features below as well as specs.

Design and Build Quality

The N78 Pro Max smartwatch has a rectangular design, looking like a series 7 with rounded edges, the wearable has a curved corner and with body measuring 41 x 37 x 11 mm. Still, a rectangular body with a crown button and a pill shape button just below it.

It looks like the previous version of the series 7, still having a sporty look and accompanied by a flexible TPU strap.  Based on its promotional images, the wearable is much lighter compared to other series 7. The body is a zinc alloy frame with ceramic back cover. Weighing only 50 grams, the smartwatch is light and durable, it is available in black, silver, gold, green and blue color options.


When it comes to display, the smartwatch has a slim bezel, with its 1.92” inch IPS LCD screen, sharp screen display, full color with its 385 x 385 pixel resolution. The screen display supports full-touch operation, and on top is a 2.5D tempered glass.


Feature of N76 Pro Max Smartwatch

Bluetooth HD Calling

With its Bluetooth 5.2, and built-in speaker and mic. The wearable supports Bluetooth HD calling, the function supports call sliding answer, phonebook synchronization, answer and call back directly in the smartwatch. Receive quality calls and with HD speaker and mic.

Aside from Bluetooth calling the smartwatch also supports real-time message alerts. Supports SMS messaging, social app messages, push notifications. Apps are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more. You can read the messages directly on the smartwatch.

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Health Monitoring Function

When it comes to health, the wearable got the basics. There is a heart rate monitoring, blood pressure as well as blood oxygen monitoring. It provides a fast and detailed results of your health, available in the support app. Additional health monitoring function, is the sleep monitoring. Help improve your sleep quality, with automatic monitoring, with sleep reports for deep sleep, light sleep and time.

Automatic Activity Tracking and Sports Monitoring

Track your daily activity with its motion tracking. It monitors your steps, calories as well as distance. The wearable also supports several sports functions like walking, indoor running, cycling, outdoor running, situps, pushups, indoor swimming, outdoor swimming, weightlifting

Other Functions Available

It is also equipped with personalization such as preloaded watch faces, menus. There is also a music control, remote photo control, alarm, timer, drink water reminder, sedentary reminder, weather and more.

N78 Pro Max Smartwatch Specifications

Dimension: 41 x 37 mm x 11 mm

Processor: HS6621

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, blood oxygen sensor

Display: 1.92” inch, 385 x 385 pixel resolution

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2

Battery: 200 mAh, 7 day battery life

Color: black, blue, red, pink, silver

Supported Platform: Android 5.0+, iOS 10.0 +

App Support: WearFit Pro



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