Microwear L15 – A Smartwatch with LED Torch Light

Microwear L15 – A Smartwatch with LED Torch Light

If you are in a hunt for a unique wearable, you might want to check the latest smartwatch from Microwear, Microwear L15 Smartwatch. This smartwatch has a very unique feature added to the smartwatch. Looking at the device, the smartwatch has a typical sporty, premium look. Having a sporty/outdoor design, a zinc alloy bezel with premium design and look.

Its body is carbon fiber, making it lightweight but without sacrificing the integrity of the device.The smartwatch has a sporty silicon strap and with full IP68 waterproof rating. There is a two physical button on the device, for menu selection and the other one is for the light button, yes there is a light button for the L15, a feature that if I’m not mistake is unique to Microwear L15.

LED Torch Light Feature

Most of the smartwatch right now in the market, have a light function sort of. The light function is just artificial as it really don’t illuminate the surroundings similar to a flash light. It simply set a white background on the display of the device to act/mimic a flashlight. But in reality it is nowhere close to a flash/torch light. With Microwear L15 smartwatch, it is able to light the surrounding with its built-in torch light. Yes, there is a physical LED light on the side, in between the buttons. We don’t have the details on its lumen brightness but I think its enough to illuminate your perimeter.
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Immersive Experience with Microwear L15 Ultra Wide Display

With its circular body, circular display comes with a beautiful ultra wide display. It has 1.3” inch full round screen IPS LCD screen. Ultra wide color gamut, 98% adobe RGB Super retina display. High color accuracy with 360 x 360 pixel resolution. Full round screen, high definition with full touch screen operation.

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What are Health & Fitness Function of Microwear L15

The smartwatch has 24 hour heart rate monitoring, it uses the green optical sensor LED providing you a fast and accurate HR.

Blood Pressure/Oxygen Monitor, another useful function to check the status of your blood pressure. Again, just like other smartwatches with this feature, the results is not that pin point accurate, the results can only be use as a reference.

ECG monitoring, it is an evaluation of your heart health, monitor your ECG fast with the ECG feature of the L15.

The wearable has a built-in professional data analysis and calculation, automatically record your steps accompanied by distance and calorie counter. If you are into sports and fitness, enjoy the 10 sports mode of the Microwear L15.

Running, walking, cycling, table tennis, badminton, rope skipping, swimming, yoga, basketball.

Additional Functions and Notifications

The smartwatch supports push notifications, call and message reminder with call decline and call support. Social app support, Wechat, email, Facebook, Twitter and more. It also support remote control for photograph, weather, Bluetooth music, sleep monitoring, preloaded watch faces.

Basic Specifications of Microwear L15 Smartwatch

Display: 1.3” inch IPS LCD

Sensor: g-sensor, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitoring

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Battery: 370 mAh Large Capacity Battery

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