Meizu H1 Smartband with Heart Rate Monitor Unveiled

Aside from the Meizu smartphone that made an appearance in Beijing China, Meizu also introduced a new wearable, the Meizu H1 smartband, but before this several leaked photos of the smartband already appeared in the public showing a sport type smartband.


The product launched confirmed the rumor on the Meizu H1, so far the smartband do have a minimalist look, looking more like a fashionable bracelet than a sport tracker, the Meizu H1 based on the photos has a seamless unibody design, a possible none interchangeable bands with a simple lock mechanism similar to other wearable such as Apple watch and Xiaomi Mi Band 2.


It has a simple OLED display, and according to the report it is a waterproof smartband with heart rate monitor. The price of the Meizu H1 is about 499 Yuan which is about $73 U.S dollars, which I think is pretty high for a sport band, other popular bands such as Xiaomi and Zeblaze cost only below $50 dollars which cater to the budget friendly consumers, anyways it still depends upon the unique offering of Meizu for its smartband, maybe there is a specific features that Meizu only has, so far there is only few details on the Meizu H1 smartband on its specs and features, I think we have still have to wait a few more days or weeks before Meizu unveil the details on its new smartband.


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