Makibes NY12 – Fashionable Smartwatch for Women

Makibes NY12 – Fashionable Smartwatch for Women

If you are in a hunt for a fashionable womens smartwatch, you might want to check this latest wearable from Makibes. The Makibes NY12 smartwatch, small, light and trendy, this smartwatch will surely going to look good on women.

Checking out the design,the smartwatch has an aluminium alloy body with glossy finish. The wearable is available in silver and gold color and with a single stainless steel button on the side.

It has a slim bezel with a chrono type design. Overall, the smartwatch looks fashionable, thin and light having .40 grams only and with IP67 waterproof rating, don’t worry on getting your hands wet, from rain, bath or sweat. The smartwatch is full waterproof.


We are not sure whether it has a silicon strap for the Makibes NY12, but we are pretty sure that the strap is interchangeable. Anyways, options for the smartwatch is an elegant leather strap and a milanese steel strap that is a top choice for womens smartwatch.

Features included in the Makibes NY12 Smartwatch

Just like other smartwatches by Makibes, the Makibes NY12 has a real time heart rate monitoring. It can monitor your heart rate in real time, it provide stats of your body based on your heart rate with all the data and graphs on the support app.

Aside from heart rate, another health function available in the smartwatch is the blood pressure monitoring. Just like the HR, the blood pressure measurement the data is saved and recorded at all times.


Exclusive Physiological Monitoring

Because it is a womens smartwatch, the devices comes with physiological monitoring. We don’t know if how accurate the monitoring of the Makibes NY12, according to its specifications, it can record and track your menstrual period, pregnancy preparation period, gestation period, and infant mother hood. It is a pretty useful function tracking the menstruation and ovulation of women.

Other Health and Fitness Functions

Another feature that women will surely love is the Sleep Quality monitoring. The smartwatch automatically monitors the sleep, from the time you go to your bed, the deep sleep and the time you awake. The smartwatch automatically generates sleep time data and analyse your sleep quality.

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Get sporty with the various sport mode of Makibes NY12 smartwatch. The smartwatch is equipped with walking, running, riding and mountain climbing. It is equipped with auto monitoring, accompanied by calorie and distance tracking.

Aside from the above functions, the smartwatch is equipped with call and message notifications, social app notifications. If you are forgetful, these reminder is pretty sure a big help. It is loaded with meeting reminder, sedentary reminder, drink water reminder, alarm and take medicine reminder.

With the display screen, the smartwatch has a 1.08″ inch color LCD display. It is not a full circular screen as the bottom of the display has a touch button key function. Meaning the smartwatch don’t have a full touch screen but instead it is operated by a touch button key similar to a smartband. With the space on the bottom occupied by the touch key, the smartwatch has 240 x 210 pixel resolution.

Here are the specifications of the Makibes NY12 smartwatch

Display Screen: 1.08”inch IPS screen

Sensor: g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring

Bluetooth Version: BT4.0

Body: Aluminum Alloy

RAM / ROM:512K(Flash 64M)

Water Resistance: IP67

Battery Capacity: 140mAh Charging Time: 1-2 hour

Standby Time: 20 days Use Time: 5 days normally use

Compatible OS Version: iOS 8.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above

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