M7C Smartwatch – Rugged Smart watch with Built-in GPS

M7C Smartwatch – Rugged Smart watch with Built-in GPS

We spotted this outdoor rugged smartwatch in a certain shopping site and seems like its worth checking out its features and specs. Here is the M7C smartwatch, its a multi-function sport smartwatch packed with sport and fitness sensors. The smartwatch has a rugged look, sporty design. It has two physical buttons on the side, a lightweight steel body with a futuristic/trendy bezel.

Looking at the promotional images of the M7C smartwatch, it looks premium and looks durable. It also has a sporty two tone silicon strap with stainless steel metal enclosure. It says on its specs that the smartwatch has an IP67 waterproof rating, it is splash proof, rain proof and dust proof as well. With this no need to worries when wearing it outdoor in your fitness workout.

When it comes to the display, the smartwatch has a 1.3” inch IPS LCD full touch screen display with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. Full circular display with slim bezel. The M7C smartwatch has a bright screen, sharp, vivid colors.


Features and Functions of M7C Smartwatch

The smartwatch is an outdoor smartwatch, its no wonder why it is loaded with at least 4 outdoor sports mode, it has outdoor running, riding, climbing and marathon, it also has an indoor running for those who would love to workout at the comfort of their home.

The outdoor activities is accompanied by calorie and distance counter with map trajectory. This is possible with the help of its built-in GPS. You can accurately record your route see it on your smartphone when sync with its precise built-in GPS.

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Aside from outdoor sports and GPS. The MC7 is also equipped with altitude, barometric pressure and compass, a pretty useful feature for those who are planning to go in hiking or outdoor trekking.

Health and Fitness Sensors

Equipped with the latest sensors, the MC7 smartwatch has several health sensors. These sensors can be used as a reference for your health status, but just like other wearables. Its results cannot be a basis of diagnosis of your health status but instead just sort of a warning signs.

Health monitoring sensors included are heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitoring, additional health tracking are sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, breath training. It also has (24/7) All-day activity monitoring.


Smart Notifications

Of course it has the usual call and message notifications, social app notifications supporting Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other popular social apps.

Additional Functions

It is equipped with stopwatch, alarm, real time weather forecast, find phone feature, remote photo control, Bluetooth music control. There are also a lot of options for personalization with its preloaded watch faces, and more in the support app. The smartwatch is available in popular languages English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and more.

Initial Take on the MC7 Smartwatch

When it comes to looks, the smartwatch has a trendy sporty design that captures the taste of outdoor enthusiast. It has a durable make and look that is certainly built for outdoors. The device has some interesting outdoor features and the built-in GPS is certainly an irresistible offering for an outdoor device. The only thing I think that is questionable is its accuracy, although it is loaded with health and fitness sensors, the company behind the smartwatch don’t have a well known track record. For the price, the MC7 might be an irresistible device, it is affordable and with good design.

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