M33 Pro Smartwatch – Full Color AMOLED Screen Wearable

M33 Pro Smartwatch – Full Color AMOLED Screen Wearable

The M33 Pro smartwatch, a wearable that is gaining popularity due to its premium design, full color AMOLED screen display. It is an affordable smartwatch that is packed with health and fitness. We have the details below, check out the review of features of the M33 Pro.

Design and Build Quality

Check this circular smartwatch with a premium feel, and look. The M33 Pro smartwatch. The smartwatch is a 44 mm device with a zinc alloy fame, available in silver and black color. It has a premium look, with its circular body design, a protruding crown button, and on the bottom side is a pill shape button

An elegant looking smartwatch that is accompanied by a silicon strap or premium leather with stainless steel buckle. The wearable is not just all beauty, it is also durable, having a good waterproof rating. It is rated IP68, it is full waterproof, wash proof, splash proof and dust proof.

With its premium design, the M33 Pro smartwatch also comes with a premium screen display. It has a 1.35” inch AMOLED screen, a high definition screen with full touch support. Sharp, crisp, bright screen with its 320 x 385 pixel resolution. On top is a 2.5D tempered glass with crystal clear clarity.


Features of M33 Pro Smartwatch

With its premium design and display, the smartwatch is loaded with several health and fitness functions.

Health Functions

It is equipped with heart rate monitoring, the heart rate monitor has an option for 24/7 monitoring, with all the data available in the support app. It is also loaded with blood pressure detection, and blood oxygen, checking and monitoring the SpO2 anytime, anywhere.

Additional health functions included are sleep monitoring, it records and analyzes your sleep status and provide you insights on how to improve your sleep. The device is also included with sedentary reminder, alerting you to move after a long period of sitting.

Sport Functions

The wearable supports Bluetooth call, don’t missed any calls with this cool feature. It has a built-in bass noise cancelling speaker, providing high fidelity calls. Functions included available for Bluetooth call are sync contacts, call logs, dial pads.

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Multi-Functional NFC

Use your smartwatch to open doors with secure NFC feature. It is one touch application with its swipe access control. The wearable also supports offline Alipay payment.

Sports Functions and Automatic Activity Tracking

It has a support for automatic activity tracking, it monitors your steps, calories as well as distance. Aside from that, the smartwatch also supports sports monitoring, running, climbing, football, basketball, cycling and more.

Smart Notifications

Aside from Bluetooth call, the wearable supports SMS notifications, as well as app notifications. Receive messages from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more.

Other functions available

The smartwatch is also included with Bluetooth music, remote music control, watch faces, alarm, stopwatch, weather and more.

M33 Pro Smartwatch Specifications

Processor: MTK2502

Memory: 256 MB

Display: 1.79” inch IPS LCD, 320 x 385 pixels

Bluetooth : Bluetooth 5.0

Battery: 200 mAh battery Li-ion battery

Compatibility: Android 5.0 and above, iOS 8.0 and above

Waterproof Rating: IP67



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