LOKMAT Sky Smartwatch – A 4G Outdoor Smartwatch

LOKMAT Sky Smartwatch – A 4G Outdoor Smartwatch

Check this new wearable from LOKMAT, the LOKMAT Sky Smartwatch. Wearable with a 4G full network sports smartwatch. If our memory serves us correctly, the LOKMAT Sky is the first 4G smartwatch by LOKMAT that has an outdoor look. See the initial review of its design and specs.

Design and Body Built

The LOKMAT Sky Smartwatch has a sport outdoor design, having a metal case enclosed in a PC/TPU body. Good body built, durable with two physical buttons on the side. The LOKMAT Sky Smartwatch has a sport outdoor look with a good resistant rating. It also has a sporty, breathable waterproof strap with a stainless steel body. Available in camo green, black, and white color. This smartwatch from LOKMAT is a good outdoor smartwatch with 4G capability.

Its body design gives it strong protection against harsh environments. Regarding the design, there is also a camera in between the physical button. When it comes to display, the smartwatch has a 1.28” inch TFT LCD screen with a 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It has a physical button but still supports full touch screen operation.



One of the main features is the 4G support, it has a slim slot at the back to install the SIM card that has a wide variety of network supported. It runs the SL8521E processor. It is a dual-core processor giving it a fast processing speed. Sensors included are g-sensor, heart rate monitoring. For its battery, the smartwatch has 600 mAh battery with long battery life.

Features of the LOKMAT Sky Smartwatch

HD Camera

The wearable is not just a smartwatch with 4G capability, but it also has a built-in camera on the side for photography.

Independent Call and Messages

The smartwatch has a built-in SIM Card, you can receive calls as well as text messages. You can also send direct messages right in your wearable.

Play Music from your Smartwatch

You can listen to your favorite music, play it with the built-in music player. Or you can listen to it via Bluetooth headset. The wearable has built-in storage for your music files.

Sport Functions

If you are into sports, the wearable has a multi-sport mode. It has running, swimming, basketball. Each sport’s functions monitor either the steps, calories, and time. But if you don’t have time for exercising, the wearable has automatic activity tracking, it measures the steps, calories, time with its intelligent algorithm. Other functions included are SOS support, alarm, timer, preloaded watch faces.

LOKMAT Sky Smartwatch Specifications

Dimensions: 55.6 x 54.1 x 18.3mm

Display: 1.28″ inch, 240 x 240 pixels

Processor:SL8521E Dual Core Processor

Sensors:g-sensor, heart rate monitoring

Connectivity: 4G (SIM Card), Bluetooth 2.1

Camera: 30W pixels

Waterproof Rating: 3 ATM

Battery: 600 mAh battery with 3 days of battery life

Compatible System: Android system version or above; iOS system version or above

Package Contents:

1 x LOKMAT SKY Smart Bracelet

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

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