Lechnical P22 Smartwatch – Sporty/Business Type

Lechnical P22 Smartwatch – Sporty/Business Type

Here is one of the popular Lechnical smartwatch, the P22 model smartwatch. It has a rectangular smart watch with a glossy design body with single physical button on the side. Available in blue, black, pink, and green color.

The smart watch, has a zinc alloy body with electroplating metal material. It is known to be corrosion resistant, scratch-resistant, as well as it is thin having a 9.6 mm in thickness only. Looking at the design, the Lechnical P22 smartwatch has a sporty design but can also be switch to a corporate/business type. Just change the silicon strap to a leather strap and you are good to go for corporate look.

The wearable has a 1.4″ inch IPS LCD screen display with full touch screen operation. According to its specs, the smartwatch provide a clear visual experience.


Here are some additional specifications of the Lechnical P22 Smartwatch

The P22 model has an IPS color screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It is powered by NRF52832 processor with 32 MB of memory. Connectivity includes Bluetooth 4.0 compatible with Android 4.4 and above & IOS 9.0 and above. It has g-sensor, heart rate sensor, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring. The Lechnical Smart watch has 180 mAh lithium polymer battery with several days of standby time.

Features of Lechnical Smartwatch

24 Hour Heart Rate Monitoring

With its HR, it can check your heart 24/7. Just set the function to monitor your HR every 30 minutes. Checking your minimum heart rate, your maximum heart rate with graphs of your full-day HR in the support app.

Sports Monitoring

cycling, mountaineering, running, swimming, jumping rope, swimming, basketball, and more whether its indoor or outdoor. The smartwatch equipped with physical training function to keep you fit. Some of the sport features is accompanied by step counter, calorie counter, distance with HR.


Sleep Monitoring

Get accurate sleep stats, with its sleep monitoring, the smart watch analyze the deep sleep, light and number of hours.

Sedentary Reminder

Get alerted when it is time to stand up and move with its sedentary reminder. The smartwatch will gently vibrate and alert you to remind you to get up move or walk.

Photo and Music Bluetooth Control

Take advantage of its Bluetooth function, control music on your smartphone, play, pause, stop the music or Take photos remotely with Bluetooth photo control.

Smart Notifications

Get real time reminder, the Lechnical P22 smartwatch with its call reminder, call ID display, message reminder. Social app notifications including SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Line, Kakao Talk, QQ, Wechat, Whatsapp etc.

Additional Functions

Stopwatch , alarm, anti-lost, Screen lightness adjustment and more.

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