Kospet Tank M1 Smartwatch In-Depth Review – Rugged and Smart

Kospet Tank M1 Smartwatch In-Depth Review – Rugged and Smart

Kospet has need delivering quality wearables in the market. From Kospet Prime, to Kospet Optimus series. All are 4G smartwatches with amazing quality and updated operating systems. Its first rugged outdoor wearable is the Kospet Rock smartwatch, a wearable similar to Tank M1 but has a much simpler design, modest specs. With the Kospet Tank M1 smartwatch, the company brings it all, providing an alternative to a costly rugged outdoor smartwatch. Below is our in-depth review of its features, design, and specs.

Kospet Tank M1 package-contents
Package Contents: 1 Charging Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card, Extra Strap,, Kospet Tank M1 Smartwatch

Design, Display and Build

As we stated before in our previous article about the Kospet Tank M1 smartwatch. The wearable is one of the toughest wearables in the market and the most durable smartwatch from Kospet to date.

It’s a Wearable Built Like a Tank

The smartwatch is rated as MIL-STD Military Standard, a very high rating IP69K certifications. Below are the details on its durability.

50 Meters Waterproof 8.4 Fluid Containment 8 H Fluid Contamination
96 H Salt Spray Test -40 – 70 Degrees Temperature Test 150 Dust Test

It has a durable built, a tough outer shell that according to tests done to the wearable has passed rigorous testing. The wearable can withstand 5 tons of truck crushing weight, how about that!.

During our two weeks of wearing the Tank M1, it is certainly surpassing our expectations dura it comes to durability. We have done some rigorous outdoor activities while wearing the Tank M1 and so far, still good as new even though it suffers some bumps, drops and water exposure.


The design of the smartwatch is sporty with a durable look, its body is a combination of steel, and a plastic frame, a solid body built, with chamfered edges frame assembled in layers.

Its body is a bit thick, but it’s understandable as the smartwatch is built for tough environment. Color options for the wearable are classic black, and green, accompanied with a breathable strap available in camo green, cam black, and camo navy color. Anyways, there is an option for an extra strap if you are going to purchase it from the official Kospet site.

Although it has two physical buttons, its 1.72” inch TFT LCD screen, supports touch screen operation. It’s color screen display with sharp, crisp color. The 280 x 320 pixel resolution gives it a sharp graphics, clear text. So far, the screen is OK with the bezel is a bit higher than the screen giving it of protection from scratches.

Purchase link: https://bit.ly/3ICkM2D

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Easy Navigation and Direct Access to Functions

Although the wearable has advanced state of the art body protection. The Kospet Tank M1 has a much simple UI, it is easily accessible, the menus, the different functions loaded to it. Some of its sensors do have automatic detection, and its menus are very responsive so far. It is not that complicated compared to other menus we encountered in the smartwatch but it provides similar functions but with a much better fast easy UI.

What we love about the UI

  • Responsive Menus
  • Direct Access
  • Easy to Read Text and Graphics
  • Automatic Activation of Sensors Once Selected
  • UI is Easy to Navigate

Accessing Menus and Functions

The Tank M1 has a direct way of accessing its menus and with different features loaded to it. Below are the details.

Split Screen Menu

Swiping from left to right shows the split screen. It’s a direct way of accessing the most frequently used functions in the smartwatch.

Settings and Important Functions

To access settings directly, see the status of the battery, brightness and other important functions for the setup of the smartwatch. Just swipe from top to bottom.

Message and Notifications

You can access the notifications directly, SMS or app notifications, and read the information directly by swiping from bottom to top.

Accessing Menus

Swipe from right to Left shows:

Automatic Activity Tracking

It shows the steps, as well as the calories and mileage. There is also a graph showing the activity (steps) for the last 24 hours.

So far, the step tracking work good, the step monitoring count is closed to our test. It is a good feature if you want to keep track of your activity for the day.

Exercises  – sports included are walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, swimming, tennis, rugby, golf, yoga, workout, dance, baseball, elliptical, rowing, trail running, skiing, bowling, dumbbell, sit-up, training, and hiking. It has a comprehensive list of sports functions. Each sport might track the time, steps, calories, distance, as well as BPM.



There are also 24/7 weather notifications when connected to your phone via Bluetooth. You can see the updated weather report daily.

Additional Bluetooth Functionality

With the Bluetooth connection, you can control the camera on your phone, use your watch as a remote shutter. Enjoy music on your phone, play, pause, stop or go to the next music listed on the phone with the music control.


In the settings menus, option available are brightness, with at least 5 brightness settings. Vibration settings, you can toggle it on or off for notifications. Reset, about, and power off. The wearable has also a QR code to download the app directly.

Health Monitoring Functions

Health Functions included in the smartwatch are heart rate monitoring. Automatically track your BPM. There is also an option for an all day heart rate in the app.

Blood Pressure Monitoring , it monitors the systolic, and diastolic. It also shows the seven days of blood pressure data. So far, it works ok, it shows the results fast with graphs available in the smartwatch. We are not just sure on the accuracy of the data. Anyways, the results are for reference only and not for diagnosis.

Aside from BP and HR, there is also an SpO2 monitoring, a good function for those who are working out, and checking their blood oxygen level. Additional health function is sleep monitoring, checking your sleep stats automatically. The deep sleep, light sleep and the number of sleep hours.

With regards to its health sensors, the sensor is not just a fake sensor with animation. The built-in sensor detects whether you are wearing the smartwatch or not before it monitors your heart rate or blood pressure.

Support App

The smartwatch uses a support app via Bluetooth to be ale to provide notifications, as well as other functions. Available only in the app, it uses the Da Fit application that can be download in the iOS store, and for Android platform, Google Play.

It is one of our favorite app, and so far the app connects with the smartwatch quick. No issues at all, smooth connectivity, and stable. With the app, you can also adjust some settings, download additional watch faces, and change the time from 24 HR format to 12 HR format.


Our Take on the Kospet Tank M1 Smartwatch

When it comes to durability, there is no doubt that the Tank M1 smartwatch passed the necessary requirements to be a tough outdoor wearable. The Kospet Tank M1 is a testament that an outdoor smartwatch doesn’t need to be pricey to have a good design and at the same time durable

Its IP69K rating, free me from worries that it might not working if accidentally deep in the water during my outdoor activities, especially during fishing. Despite its thickness and size, it’s surprising that the wearable is comfortable to wear.

It got the basics with health and other reminder functions. The sports functions have also a comprehensive list, it includes most of the sport functions that we need. The battery life is also impressive, with a very long standby time, I have been using it for two weeks now, and still, it has some juice left to it.

The smartwatch is well built, the wearable is a good recommendation for those who are looking for a solid sturdy device. With its different functions and good outdoor style design, the smartwatch is good pick.


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