Kingwear KW11 Smartwatch – Sporty Elegant + E-Compass

Kingwear KW11 Smartwatch – Sporty Elegant + E-Compass

Kingwear is one of the top Chinese smartwatches manufacturer releasing wearables every now and then from fitness trackers to smartwatches. And now it is back again with the new wearable packed with juicy specs and features.

Introducing the Kingwear KW11 Smartwatch. Looking at the design, it is stylish sporty with ultra thin body measuring 11 mm in thickness only.

The body has a zinc alloy material and metal processing of VD plating. Premium look as well as material with dynamic approach in its design. The smartwatch has a single physical button on the side that work as a home button and power button. The wearable also has a sporty design with ribbed design, but there is also a plain option for the band.

The Kingwear KW11 Smartwatch has a professional IP68 waterproof, with support for swimming with waterproof depth of up to 3 meters.

Kingwear KW11 Notable Features

  • High Resolution AMOLED Display
  • Multiple Sport Mode
  • Built-in E- Compass

AMOLED Display, Stunning Resolution

If we are not mistaken, I think the KW11 is one of the first non-4G smartwatch with an AMOLED display. It has a 1.2″ inch high definition AMOLED with a full touch screen display. Its AMOLED becomes much more sharper with the 390 x 390 pixel resolution. Before, most non-4G wearables by Kingwear do have a 240 x 240 pixel resolution with 360 x 360 as the highest.

KIngwear KW11 smartwatch

Now with the high resolution display, the graphics and text are much more sharper providing beautiful visual experience. The beautiful sharp display is accompanied by a professionally designed watch faces preloaded to the device.

KingWear KW11 Smartwatch Features

Loaded with Sporty and Fitness Functions

The KingWear KW11 smartwatch boast this new feature for its smartwatches, an “E-Compass“, with its sensors, the company brings this professional e-compass to KW11. As we all know only a handful of smartwatches features an e-compass and most of them are premium high end wearables.

And now this outdoor function is available in KW11, you can not quickly locate where you are with this outdoor sport function.
It also features multiple sports mode, select from walking, indoor walk, outdoor run, indoor cycling, indoor run, cycling, mountaineering, swimming, yoga and free training. Get healthy and fit with its sport function. It also has an automatic activity tracking, with its built-in BOSCH sensor. The wearable automatically track your daily steps with distance and calorie data.

KIngwear KW11 smartwatch

The smartwatch also has a lower power consumption heart rate monitor, it has a built-in Pixart 8002 dynamic heart rate sensor. Monitor your heart health with its sensor and check whether your bpm is normal or not. It monitor your bpm whether you are sleeping, working or doing your fitness routine.

Real Time Notifications

Read notifications directly from your smartwatch with its real time notifications. Received real time messages with its push message notifications. It also support social app messages, call notifications with reject call support.

Additional Functions

The smartwatch is also loaded with calendar, alarm, timer camera remote, music control, anti-lost and more options especially on the settings functions.

Advanced Hardware, Fast, Advanced with Lower Power Consumption

The Kingwear KW11 smartwatch is runs the nRF52840 processor with Bluetooth 5.0 and sensors included are g-sensor+M (BOSH BMA423), Sensor+MOS with 128 MB flash memory. With its Bluetooth 5.0 it is compatible with Android and iOS platform with support app Linkto Sport. The smartwatch has 260 mAh battery with standby time of 10 days and 4 days of normal usage.


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