Keyo S2 Smartwatch – A Wearable with Built-in EarBuds

Keyo S2 Smartwatch – A Wearable with Built-in EarBuds

A wearable that is two in one is very few in the market. A smartwatch and earbuds, there are only a few options available, especially smartwatches that have an elegant premium look.

Here in, our goal is to bring you the best, lowest price, unique wearables in the market. Providing you the latest news and updates on the world of wearables. Here another unique, elegant looking smartwatch with an extra feature, built-in earbuds. Check the Keyo S2 smartwatch, wearable with a built-in earbuds, ready to use at your disposal.

The Keyo S2 smartwatch, has an elegant design. It has an aluminum body with a sporty, futuristic design. The smartwatch body is available in black color but its bezel has two color options, a rose gold color, and glossy black. Based on the product photos, I prefer the rose gold bezel over the other option. On the side of the body of the smartwatch is where the pair of earbuds are stored, when you need it, you can just simply pull it out from the body of the smartwatch. It is a smart design, having an easy to access earbud ready anytime you need it.

The smartwatch has a sporty silicon strap with stainless steel enclosure. Its overall body is IP67 waterproof, it is splash-proof, rain proof as well as wash proof and dustproof as well.

Its beautiful body design is accompanied by a full circular screen display. It has a 1.3” inch IPS LCD screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. It is a full touch screen smartwatch with vivid, sharp, bright color screen display.

Features of the Keyo S2 Smartwatch

One of the main features of the smartwatch is its built-in earbuds, it can be stored directly on the smartwatch and can be used anytime, anywhere right away. The storage also serves as a charging port for the earbuds. With the earbuds that come with the smartwatch. The wearable has also a built-in crisp and quality speaker and microphone. It is an automatic paring with the earbud and you can answer the calls directly from the smartwatch with its Bluetooth call feature.

Aside from calls, it also supports Bluetooth Music, listen to your favorite music from your smartphone with the earphone, and control it with your smartwatch. Play, pause, stop, forward or go to the previous choices.

The Bluetooth connectivity is fast and more stable with the Bluetooth 5.0 feature of the Keyo S2 smartwatch.


Health and Fitness Functions

The smartwatch has featured heart rate monitoring and blood pressure monitoring. Monitoring your heart health 24/7 with data and graphs right on the support app.

Based on its promotional images, it also feature blood oxygen monitoring and body temperature monitoring, These features are very essential for your health monitoring especially on sport functions. The

Additional health functions included are sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder. There is an alarm, timer and remote control for photos. There is also preloaded watch faces loaded to the smartwatch.


Real Time Notifications

You can also receive messages, call notifications with reject call options. Receive social app messages, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email and other popular social apps.

Here are the basic specifications of the Keyo S2 Smartwatch

Display: 1.3″ inch IPS LCD 240 x 240 pixel resolution

Memory: 128 KB RAM, 512 KB ROM

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0

Battery: IP67 Waterproof

Speaker and Mic: Yes

Compatibility: Android and iOS

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