K8 IWO Max Smartwatch – Another Apple Watch Clone

K8 IWO Max Smartwatch – Another Apple Watch Clone

IWO will not stop until it perfected the look of an Apple Watch. I guess it is safe to say that the brand (IWO) is the ultimate Apple Watch copycat, if you compare it to other brand with their own version of Apple Watch.

We check on its specs and features of the device and here is what we found out about the smart watch from IWO. Again, there are a lot of versions for the IWO Apple watch clone, but we will focus on this new K8 IWO Max smartwatch.

Design and Display

The smart watch has an obvious look, it resembles the Apple Watch smart watch. Looking at it, you might mistaken it as the real deal. Even, if you check on the review of some users who already purchase the wearable, they will say, it is almost similar to the popular device.

K8 Smart watch

The K8 IWO Max smart watch has a rectangular design with alloy body, making it durable as well as lightweight. The glossy finish gives it an impression of being premium. To truly copy the look of the Apple Watch, the wearable has also a crown button on the side , but unlike the Apple Watch with an extra function, the button on the K8 only works as a power/home button. The smartwatch has a copycat snap on strap also, it has a sporty silicon strap with the same lock strap with that of the popular wearable. Overall, the body is waterproof, it is splash proof, wash proof and dust proof as well.

Its screen display has a 1.78” inch IPS LCD screen display with 320 x 385 pixel resolution, much higher compared to other clone which has 240 x 240 only. It has a full touch screen operation and protected by a 2.5D tempered glass screen display.

Health and Fitness Features

K8 boast the following health features:

Heart Rate Monitoring – check and monitor your heart rate 24/7 with its real time monitoring, see the the full stats and graphs of your heart rate status with the support app.

Temperature Monitor – yes, with today’s Pandemic, this function should be a must for all wearables. Whether it is a smart watch or a smat watch. The thermometer is a big help to keep your body temp in check.

Sleep monitoring – check the status of your sleep, monitor the time you sleep, light and deep sleep. Know whether your having a daily and healthy nap, check the overall record and analyze your sleep status.

Extra Health Functions

Of course there is the usual sedentary alert, the function that reminds you to keep moving avoiding prolonged sitting on your behind your desk. There is also an Immunity test, we are not familiar with this, but its says that function is all about testing and caring for your health.

Additional Key Features

Aside from the quality preloaded watch faces, the K8 also features Dual UI, pick from Jiugongge and Hive UI to suit your personality. Pick the UI that makes it easy for you to navigate and select options.

Multi-Sports, Activity Tracking and Notifications

The smartwatch support multi-mode sports, pick from walking, running, football, basketball, skipping rope to name a few. It also has an automatic step tracking accompanied by calorie and distance counter. Get fit with its sports and step tracking, all of the stats are can be check on the supports app.


When it comes to smart notifications, receive messages in real time, get call notifications and social app messages form QQ, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter and other popular social apps. It is also equipped with weather notifications, Bluetooth music control, alarm, calendar, stop watch and find mobile phone function.

Language supported by K8 IWO Max Smartwatch: English, Greek, Dutch, Italian, polish, Hebrew, Thai Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Farsi,, Malay, Indonesian.

Basic Hardware Specifications of K8 IWO Max Smart watch

Processor: MTK2502

Display: 1.78” IPS LCD, 320 x 385 pixels

Sensors: G-sensor, heart rate sensor, temperature sensor

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Waterproof Rating:

Battery: 200 mAh Battery

Compatibility: Support Android 4.4 and above, Apple IOS 8.4 or above

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