iWOWNFit i6 Pro RollBand – Elegant Premium Smartband

iWOWNFit i6 Pro RollBand – Elegant Premium Smartband

iWOWNFit introduced cool looking smartband last year. These smartband is far different from affordable fitness tracker that has been introduced for the past several months.

iWOWNFit wearables are far more sporty and with elegant looking design making it looks like it is in the range of premium fitness tracker. Well, here at smartwatchspecifications.com, we are lucky to have some of the fitness tracker from iWOWN and here is our review so far on one of their fitness tracker.

iWOWNFit i6 Pro RollBand


The smartband is one of the slimmest fitness tracker in the market, having an ABS + PC body with a metal side edges, and a sporty silicon strap, the band just weighs 18 grams. It has a curved frame with a slightly curved screen making it comfortable to wear. It is a unisex smartband but for me it is more on a feminine side, it’s a beautiful wearable with its 0.71”inch PMOLED screen with 128 x 88 pixel resolution, a touch screen mode operation. I think when it comes to design, the iWOWNFit i6 Pro RollBand can rival popular expensice smartband in the market, it looks more like one of the smartband line-up of Fitbit.


Having a 0.73” inch PMOLED display, the iWOWNFit i6 Pro RollBand has a touch screen operating mode, with intuitive UI. Swipe from down to up to go to fitness and sport fitness features such as messages, training, watch faces, and power off option. While swiping left to right shows you the basics such as heart rate, pedometer, calorie counter, distance counter. Although it is a touch screen, I don’t know if it’s this wearable or not, but sometimes the screen is unresponsive. Anyways, overall the smartwatch is great and it is one of the few smartband with touch screen support.


Despite its small and slimbody, iWOWNFit i6 Pro RollBand is loaded with cool features, here are some of its features.

Messages- the i6 Pro just don’t alert you with notifications but also push the message information on your smartband, with the option to delete the content.

Call Notifications – there is also a call notifications with option for blocking calls.

Watch Faces – having different watch faces is great for a smartband, it’s a good thing that i6Pro do have at least 5 different watch faces, 2 digital format and 3 analog watch faces. Access the function menu and tap the screen to access the watch face menu.

Basic Specs:

  • OLED Screen
  • Display heart rate, steps, distance, calories, Call ID Display
  • 55mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
  • IP67 Waterproof

See full specifications here


Performance and Battery Life

Heart rate sensor, pedometer, everything works good, far from perfect but they provide you a close results of your HR as well as steps taken, there are some discrepancies especially if there is too much movement. Anyways this is not unique to i6 rollband, even those well known smartband don’t give a precise count.

When it comes to battery life, the rollband has over a week of standby time, a good performance considering it has only 55 mAh of Lithium polymer battery.


In terms of design, the iWOWNFit i6 Rollband scores high, it is an elegant looking smartband that is comparable to premium fitness tracker. It has also an intuitive UI where you can see a lot of options not just in its support app but also in the smartband itself, it is really an amazing the iWOWN was able jump pack all the features in the small body of the smartband, it covered all the basics of a smartband and with additional features.

If you are looking for a fashionable elegant smartband with all the basic fitness tracking option, the iWOWNFit i6 Rollband is a good pick.

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