Itime Elite Smartwatch – Review of Features

Itime Elite Smartwatch – Review of Features

iTime has several trendy smartwatches in the market, and one of the latest wearable with a fashionable look and sporty design is the iTime Elite Smartwatch.

The smartwatch is designed to compete with the series 5 smartwatches in the market. It has a 39 mm casing slightly smaller compared to 42 mm-45 mm series 6 smartwatches. But still, it is a medium-size wearable that is perfect for those who are looking for a medium-size smartwatch. Below is our initial review of the iTime Elite smartwatch.

Design and Display

The iTime Elite smartwatch has a zinc alloy body with a brushed finish. It is available in black, silver and rose gold color. If you are going to take a look at the design, it is very obvious that it is trying to copy the look of the popular brand with the fruit logo. The smartwatch has a rectangular design, a protruding crown button on the side with a pill shape. The smartwatch specs for screen display are not stated, but we are pretty sure it is along the 1.54” inch IPS LCD screen display. It is a full-color screen display with full touch screen operation. On top of that is a 2.5D tempered glass screen display with sharp and crystal clear clarity.


Features of the iTime Elite Smartwatch

The smartwatch is packed with health and fitness sensors, with its health functionality. The wearable is loaded with heart rate monitoring, it also has blood pressure and blood oxygen monitor. Another feature that smartwatch would love is temperature monitoring. The smartwatch is able to check your body temperature fast.

It is a full packed health smartwatch will all the latest sensors available in the device. All of its data, and graphs is available in the support app for more details.

Other functions included in the device are sleep monitoring, the function checks for deep sleep, light sleep, and the number of hours. There is also a sedentary alert, alerting you to move after a prolonged period of sitting.

Real time notification on your wrist with its message and call alerts. Receive message notifications with the option to read messages on the smartwatch. There is also call alerts with call ID support.

Other functions included in the smartwatch are camera remote control, weather temperature monitoring, stopwatch, there is also a timer and preloaded watch faces.

The smartwatch is a comprehensive health and fitness smartwatch with different sensors and functionality. It is a very affordable smartwatch with different sensors loaded to a fashionable sporty device. The device is compatible with Android and iOS platform and with several days of standby time.

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