HW7 Max Smartwatch – Biggest Display for Series 7 Clone

HW7 Max Smartwatch – Biggest Display for Series 7 Clone

When it comes to the battle of the series 7 smartwatch, the screen is the deciding factor. We have here one or perhaps the biggest full screen for series 7 clone. It’s the HW7 Max smartwatch, a series 7 clone. We have the details on the features and specs, check them out below.

Design, Display and Build Quality

The HW7 Max Smartwatch is a 45 mm wearable with a series 7 design. Available in blue, black, gold and silver color. It has a crown button with a rotary function, a pill shape button just below it.  Sporty, light and durable with its zinc alloy body. With semi-glossy finish giving the wearable a decent fashionable look.

Its overall body has an IP67 waterproof rating, splash proof, dustproof and you can wear the wearable in your everyday activities. Whether you are doing sports or just working in the office.

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As we have stated, the screen display is the deciding factor for choosing a series 7 clone right now in the market. As most clone models has the same OS, UI, and sports functions. In the case of HW7 Max smartwatch, the wearable has the biggest screen display for clones, it has a 1.99” inch TFT LCD screen. It’s a full wide screen display, almost bezeless and with a high pixel resolution having 420 x 480 pixels.


Features of HW7 Max Smartwatch

Sports and Fitness

For lovers of sports, the HW7 Max smartwatch has a comprehensive list of sports functions. It is equipped with indoor running, outdoor running, outdoor cycling, swimming pool, situps, free movement, pushups, situps, indoor cycling, open water, on foot, climb mountains, and other sports. It monitors for the steps, time, calories as well as distance.

Health Functions

Aside from sports, it is also loaded with health functions. It has a heart rate monitoring, with the option for 24/7 monitoring. There is also a blood oxygen detection, and blood sugar trend. It monitors your health, with stats and graphs available in the support app.

Bluetooth Calling

With its Bluetooth 5.2 connection, the wearable supports Bluetooth calling. It is equipped with high fidelity speaker and mic. Plus it supports Phonebook, call logs, dial keys. Allowing the user to initiate call directly in the smartwatch.

Music Control and Video Playback

With its Bluetooth connection, you can use your smartwatch as a music control. You can play, stop, pause, or forward to the next music on your phone with the functionality. Aside from music control, the smartwatch also supports remote video control. Similar to music control, with the video remote you can pause, forward, to the next video on your smartphone.

New UI Menu

Personalized your smartwatch with its different UI menu. Pick

Other functions

Offline payment, location sharing, alarm clock, wallet business card, weather, preloaded watch faces, breath training, and more.

HW7 Max Smartwatch Specifications

Display: 1.99” inch TFT LCD, 420 x 480 pixels

Processor: HS6621PG

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, blood sugar trend

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.2

Mic and Speaker: Yes

Battery: 200 mAh battery, 25 days battery life, 7 days normal usage, wireless charging

Waterproof Rating: IP67

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