HW12 Smartwatch – Better than T500? Let’s Review its Features

HW12 Smartwatch – Better than T500? Let’s Review its Features

Here is another contender for the best clone Apple watch in the market, the HW12 smartwatch. The wearable has a striking Apple Watch look, with its zinc alloy body. Similar to other latest Apple Watch clone, the HW12 smartwatch has a beautiful glossy finish. It is available in grey, blue, black, red and pink color.

The smartwatch has a sporty silicon strap, available in different colors, so far, the wearable looks sleek and trendy and with its 1.57″ inch high definition screen display, having a 320 x 320 pixel resolution. It has a slim bezel, curved edge of the screen, with full touch screen operation. The smartwatch looks like the Apple Watch 5/6 with its crown button and the pill shape on the bottom part.


For the features, let us check what are the functions that HW12 smartwatch has to offer?

One of the main features of the HW12 smartwatch is the crown button. The crown button has a special function, it is a rotating crown button, zooming in and out of the honeycomb menu, it can also be used to switch to the menus.

It also has a multi-scene application UI selection, having an intelligent split-screen presentation with 3 dynamic menu styles. Pick from grid type menu, honeycomb style or the classic dynamic list menu.

Bluetooth calls, even though the wearable doesn’t have support for 3G connectivity. The smartwatch has Bluetooth call functions, with its built-in speaker and mic, you can receive calls, dial calls with its phone book feature. Don’t miss important phone calls with its high definition call.

Variety of Watch Faces to Choose from, the wearable is loaded with quality watch faces. If that is not enough you can download at least 50+ watch faces. Pick the watch face that suits your personality or mood.

Multi-Sport mode, The HW12 smartwatch has indoor running, indoor cycling, sit-ups, push-ups, outdoor running, outdoor cycling, sit-ups, onfoot, mountaineering and more.


Of course, the smartwatch got the basics such as call notifications, messages, social app messages. There is also alarm, weather, timer, sleep monitoring, sedentary alert and more.

When it comes to hardware, especially for the battery life, here are the details

The HW12 smartwatch has a g-sensor for its sport feature, heart rate monitoring, with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. It has 200 mAh battery with power saving algorithm. Its battery can last up to 75 days of standby time and 7 days of typical usage, about 10 hours in sports mode. The smartwatch uses the WearFit 2.0 support app available both in Android and iOS platform.

Initial Review of the HW12 smartwatch

So far, the smartwatch do have a good design, good material. And for those who already bought the smartwatch, the HW12 is ok in the looks department. For the features, it is similar to the U57 Pro smartwatch that we reviews several months ago. They almost have the same features, especially on the crown button that has a special function. I think there are added features in the HW12 compared to the U57 Pro. With regards to the T500, some user says that the HW12 is much better, or they are both similar in appearance and features. Anyways, both smartwatches has its pros and cons, it is up to the user to choose, if which is better in terms of functionality as well as battery life.

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