Huawei might be Developing a Smartwatch for Gamers

Huawei might be Developing a Smartwatch for Gamers

It has been done before, even a kickstarter fund raising for a smartwatch intended for gaming but all attempts failed.

But Huawei is still on quest to make it possible, a smartwatch dedicated to gaming, yes a gaming smartwatch or a smartwatch for game control or whatever you call it. A listing on World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has been published showing a patent of Huawei with relation for gaming. “Smart wearable device and control method for the same wearable device”, is the name description of the patent, indicating that Hauwei might be developing a  smartwatch with the features to control a gaming device or a smartwatch with gaming features loaded to it. The patent is just an addition to the previous gaming smartwatch that Huawei applied for a patent last 2015-2016.

An image description spotted by a certain website, shows several gestures that you have to do in order for you to control the game or the character on the game, it involves moving your smartwatch, or using the band of the smartwatch to control the game. Applying gestures such as taps, slides, shakes, pulls and twists of the device or the band, you can also take selfie with a simple gesture.

It’s a unique approach in using your smartwatch as a gaming device, most of the attempt to create a gaming smartwatch is using the display screen of the device similar to a smartphone to control the game which did not do well.

We don’t know if Huawei will soon introduce this technology in its upcoming wearable or will this feature will just remain as experimental and will just remain an idea in the world of wearables. Hopefully Huawei will at least add some of the cool features of the gaming smartwatch and integrate it to its upcoming WearOS smartwatch this year, making the device more all around and not just focuses on notifications and fitness.


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