[Guide] How to Pair HRYFine App in Android Platform -TroubleShooting, Installation

[Guide] How to Pair HRYFine App in Android Platform -TroubleShooting, Installation  

HRYFine App, it is one of the popular apps for wearables. It is used by several brands for their smartwatches as well as smartband. So far, the app received several updates adding new features in the app.

If you are going to use the app for your smartwatch or smartband for the first time or having some issues after the installation. Below are some details on app installation, and troubleshooting


What is HRYFine Application?

The HRYFine app is an app develop for variety of wearables. It features graphs, and stats for a variety of health functions in your device. Data for sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and more. There is also a dedicated Dashboard for its sports functions, with support for connected GPS, notifications, settings, and other options.

Current Version (as of this writing)

Version: 2.3.10

Downloads: Over 5 Million

Offered by: Shenzen United Power Technology Co. LTD

Download the app here

 How to Pair HRYFine App in Android platform to your Smartwatch?

  1. Download the HRYFine app, it is available in iOS and Android platform. The app version 2.3.10 as of this writing with the latest update.
  2. Open the application, it will ask you for several permissions, this includes:
  • Makes and Manage Phone Calls
  • Access Photos, Media and Files on our Device
  • Access to your Contacts
  • Send and View SMS messages
  • Access your Phone Call Logs
  1. Before you can proceed, the app ask you to register. There are two ways to register
  • Sign-up through Email
  • Direct GMAIL Account

If you want to store your record in the clouds, sign-up in the app. But if you just want to activate your smartwatch, just go to direct login, located at the bottom of the app.

  1. The app will ask again for permissions, this is for the overall app. Asking to allow the app to run. Toggle the settings for app permission of the HRYFine app to on.


  1. Tap on the “My” menu on the bottom part of the Dashboard
  2. Select “Add Device” to add your smartwatch


But before you can add your device, the smartwatch asked to enable “location permission”, it’s the GPS of your device. Take note, you also must set it in the support app.

Just tap “Go Set”, select app permissions in the “App Info” and toggle, “Location” to on

  1. Tap again to “Add Device”, turn on your Bluetooth for your device. It automatically search for your smartwatch
  2. If you see your smartwatch on the lists, tap on it to pair your phone to the smartwatch

Note: If the name of your device did not appear in the list, and there are other smartwatches. Check on the correct mac address of your smartwatch. To verify, go to the settings of your smartwatch and select About, there you will see the MAC address of the device.

  1. The app will show “Connected” if you have successfully paired your device.

Some Common Issues with the HRYFine App

  • The app Can’t Find the Device for Binding
  • Connection to the Server Failed
  • Unstable Connection, Disconnects Sometimes

Troubleshooting HRYFine App

  1. The HRYFine App can’t find the device during installation
  • Restart your smartwatch as well as your smartphone
  • Check if the smartwatch is automatically added in the Bluetooth section of your smartwatch, if it is added already, tap on forget device.
  • Check if the Bluetooth of your smartwatch is turned on or the Bluetooth of the smartphone is activated
  1. Unstable Connection, Keeps Disconnecting
  • Make it sure that you have the recommended version of the OS.
  • Install the latest application
  • Remove other devices connected to your Bluetooth Connection

If you want to know more about the process on installing the HRYFine app, please check out the video sample below.

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