Guide: Epic Mark Down Sale Promotion at –Coupon Code $20 OFF

Guide: Clearance Sale Promotion at –Coupon Code 20% OFF

There is an epic mark down zone right now at, join and get big discounts on your favourite devices. In the, Epic Clearance sale, there are variety of gadgets and popular items that are on a huge deal, you can get discounts up to $20 dollars on the item, just purchase a product with the minimum price required like $100 U.S dollars, and get $20 dollars OFF! Amazing Deal!


Other deal includes $15 dollars OFF, $10 dollars OFF on selected items. Here are the steps on how to apply the coupon code for this Epic Sale

  1. From the deal page, pick at least one or more products to buy, for example in the $20 OFF, OVER $100, we selected the product (Onda V10 Pro Tablet PC) with the price $174.99, if you want to get $20 OFF, just apply the “GB100-$20off-“coupon code upon check out.

  1. For an item that is less than $50, and did not meet the required amount of purchase, there is a way to get less for your items.

For example “Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music sport earbuds” with price $22.99, you can still get $10 dollar discount on your purchase when you buy 2 or more items, that totals more than $50 U.S dollars, the same rule applies, add the coupon code, in our case “GB50=$10FF” upon check-out.

  1. There other great deals available for purchase, check out the list below:

Extra Coupon Available

  • $20 OFF OVER $100
  • $15 OFF OVER $50
  • $10 OFF OVER $50
  • $10 OFF OVER $100
  • $5 OFF OVER $50

Amazing deals await you in this Epic clearance sale at, visit the deal page at:

Of course there are some wearables included in this Epic Sale, here are some:


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