Google Pixel Watch – Specs, Features We Know so Far

Google Pixel Watch – Specs, Features We Know so Far

Finally, Google confirmed the long-rumored Pixel Watch, at Google I/O 2022. Google provided some few insights on the upcoming smartwatch. Well, we know that you are interested in this new wearable, and here are the details on its specs, and features. Things that we know so far, about the first Google smartwatch.


Instead of going for a traditional rectangular design. Google goes for a circular look. Sleek, fashionable stainless steel body and dome shape display. There is a single crown button (tactile) on its side. It is accompanied by a flexible sporty strap similar to Apple Watch.

The dome shape display gives the wearable an iconic look, full color touch screen support. It looks like a borderless design with its glass protection that goes all the way to the edge of the screen.


Specs of Google Pixel Watch

Google did not yet provide any details on its inner workings, but it says that there is an option for 4G LTE support. It has built-in mic and speaker for its Google Voice Assistant. Motion tracking, and just like other smartwatches in the market, has heart rate monitoring, a possible NFC support.

According to Google, the wearable support Android 8.0 and above platform, but did not yet confirm whether it supports the iOS platform. On top of it, is the Google Wear OS, and its entire ecosystem.

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Features of Google Pixel Watch

Running the Wear OS 2 platform. The smartwatch will feature Google Maps, Google Wallet, as well as Google Voice Assistant. With the acquisition of Fitbit by Google, expect that it will have features that is pretty similar to Fitbit, as Google confirmed its deep integration with Fitbit on its health and fitness.

Confirmed features are access to Google Assistant, fluid navigation on UI. It also supports Google Home App for smart devices, and smart notifications.


We will see in the next few months as Google confirmed the release date is on fall. Google says that they provide more details about the smartwatch in the next few months.

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