Google Pixel Smartwatches due for 2017?

We all know about the Pixel phones, and other devices that Google unveiled last week, but Google hold on to the rumored Android Wear 2.0 unveiling, no official statements from Google but tech experts suggest that the unfinished integration of new features for Android Wear 2.0 like Google assistant and other features is the main reason, or possibly the lack of wearable supporting Android Wear 2.0 as tech companies such as Motorola, HUAWEI, LG, Asus and other companies already says that they will not be releasing any Android Wear devices this year, until next year tentatively.


But recent leaked information suggest that Google might be going solo by releasing two Android Wear 2.0 devices in Q1 of 2017, it is possible that it might be branded with “Pixel” or perhaps the name “AngleFish” and “SwordFish” as suggested by Android Police and integrated with Google Assistant, that is only exclusive on Google’s own product lineup, tightening its grip to Android and Android Wear by having some exclusively features following the footstep of Apple on its own products.


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