Fitbit App Store/App Gallery Geared up for Fitbit Smartwatch Launch

There is a lot of publicity on the upcoming smartwatch, it’s a mixed of negative as well as positive news for Fitbit, well it’s another news regarding the Fitbit Smartwatch.

Fitbit just confirmed that it is launching an app platform or shall we say Fitbit App Store for its upcoming smartwatch. Along with the Fitbit App Store, is a Javascript based Software Development Kit for developers, the SDK will make it easy to build apps that is compatible with iOS and Android.

According to the report, Fitbit might integrate the app store in the support app somewhat like an app gallery instead of a separate app store. Well, for the content, according to the company the app gallery will be populated by third party apps from selected partner, we assume that it will be from popular fitness and health app company and well known shopping company.

With the SDK that will also going to be available for independent developers, the company expects that the app store will have a variety of different apps specifically cool watch faces.

The question is, we all know that populating it with quality apps is the most challenging part of having an app store, will Fitbit be able to do it?

With the specifications and features of the smartwatch, confirmed features are waterproof feature, built in GPS, large internal memory, longer battery life, power saving features.

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