Fastrack Reflex WAV Smartband Unveiled

Fastrack Reflex WAV Smartband Unveiled

Fastrack got a new wearable in its arsenal, the Fastrack WAV smartband, this wearable is the world’s slimmest gesture control smartband as per claimed by Fastrack, it is smart, it’s slim and packed with sport, health and fitness features.

The Fastrack Reflex WAV comes with an OLED display and it runs the Qualcomm CSR1010 chipset making it fast as well as it has low power consumption giving the smartband 5 days of battery life.

Just like any other fitness tracker, it comes with sport and fitness sensor to track your workout, sedentary and sleep monitoring. It also has alarm for calendars, notifications for calls and messages, weather updates and more.

I guess the most notable feature of the Fastrack Reflex WAV that set it apart from other smartbands is the integration of gesture control. According to Fastrack, users will just twist their wrist to command a certain action to the smartband, users can reject calls, change music, click pictures, scroll notifications  and other essential functions in your wearable.

Fastrack really did a good job in adding new feature to the smartband which makes it different from other fitness tracker. The smartband is compatible with iOS and Android platform, additional functionalities such as graphs and statistics of your activities can be access if its paired with Fastrack own app, the Reflex WAV app available for iOS and Android. Learn more about the Reflex Wav here

Below are some of the basic features of Fastrack Reflex WAV smartband

  • 24 Hour Active Sleep Tracking
  • Weather Updates
  • Activity Tracker with step and calorie counter
  • Scrolling Notifications
  • Calendar Even Reminders
  • Second City Time
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