DT No.1 7 Smartwatch – Wide Screen, 11 Menu Styles

DT No.1 7 Smartwatch – Wide Screen, 11 Menu Styles

DT No.1 has a few series 7 clones in its collection, one of the latest is the DT No.1 7 smartwatch. Unlike other series 7, this DT No.1 version looks more premium, well built. You can check its features and specs below.

Design and Display

As we have stated, the wearable is a series 7 clone, but quality mad. It has a zinc alloy body with a glossy metallic finish. Still, having that crown button on it side, and pill shape button looking much better than other models.

The DT No.1 7 smartwatch is accompanied by a sporty strap that is flexible and at the same time durable. A light smartwatch with a 45 mm metal casing. Its body weight is 35.5 grams only, its light and comfortable to wear.

When it comes to display, the smartwatch can compete with other new 2022 version of series 7. It has a 1.9” inch high definition screen display. It’s a TFT screen with a 390 x 435 pixel resolution. A full touch screen display with borderless look. DT No.1 boast its borderless curved glass screen with a crystal clear clarity.

The overall body has an IP68 rating, it’s a full waterproof body, splash, sweat and dust proof as well.

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Before we dive in to its features, the smartwatch runs one of the most popular chip for smartwatches, the RTL8762DK.  And with Zhangheng BD1662_126 chop for its health sensor. A Bluetooth 5.0 for the connectivity. For its battery life, the smartwatch has 380 mAh battery providing the smartwatch 5-7 days of standby time.


Features of DT No.1 7 Smartwatch

Menu Styles

One of the main feature of DT No.1 7 smartwatch is the 11 menu styles loaded to it. The smartwatch has a rich preset menu, with this you can personalized your smartwatch to your liking.

Two Way Payment

Most of the clone only supports Alipay, but this smartwatch supports not only Alipay but also WeChat Pay. You can pay directly just by scanning the QR code in your smartwatch.

Health Functions

Monitor your heart health and other health status with its heart rate monitoring, blood pressure as well as blood oxygen sensor. The health monitoring function provide 24/7 data with graphs available in the support app.

Bluetooth Music and Camera Control

With the Bluetooth connectivity, the smartwatch supports Bluetooth music control. With it you can play, stop, pause, forward to the next music on the list. While the camera control, you can use your smartwatch to control the camera on your phone, you can use it as a shutter remote.

DT No.1 7 Smartwatch Specifications

Processor: Realtek 8762DK

Display: 1.9 inch IPS full touch screen

Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure sensor, blood oxygen sensor

Waterproof Rating: IP68

Battery :380mAh Several days of standby time

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and above, IOS10.0 or above

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