DM100 Smartwatch – Equipped with Calls and Text, Review of Features

DM100 Smartwatch – Equipped with Calls and Text, Review of Features

A large screen smartwatch has its own group of wearable fans. One of the latest in this category is the DM100 smartwatch. It’s design and size are certainly unique in the smartwatch world, where most smartwatches are trying to blend in, looking like a traditional wrist watch.

The DM100 smartwatch has a unique approach in its design, instead of a wrist watch look. The smartwatch looks more like a mini smartphone, that is strap on your wrist. It has a rectangular design with two physical buttons, a power and return button. The smartwatch has a metal body but with PC back bottom case. It is accompanied by a wide durable strap sitting firmly on your wrist.

Honestly, I am not a fan of the design, but I think it is very useful, if you want a second phone that can alert you anytime. If you are into cycling, and want a GPS tracking, when you are hiking or any outdoor activities, the design of the smartwatch is very useful.

The DM100 smartwatch has a wide screen display, I think this is the best selling feature of the wearable. It has a 2.86” inch IPS LCD screen with full multi-touch operation. The smartwatch has a 640 x 480 pixel resolution with bright display and intuitive UI. Looking and using it, the smartwatch is no different from a typical smartphone.

It is loaded with Android 7.1.1 OS, it has a grid menu, making it easy to access. The apps is readily available by just sliding on the pages of the device. Navigate on the menus and read the notifications, social app messages as well as browse and watch videos.

Specifications of DM100 Smartwatch in a Glance

  • Operating System: Android 7.1 OS
  • Processor: MTK6739 Quad-core
  • Sensors: g-sensor, heart rate monitor, GPS
  • Memory: 1GB+16GB, 3GB+32GB (Optional)
  • Display: 2.86” inches Resolution: 640*480p
  • Camera: 5MP
  • Network Mode: 4G Nano SIM Card Slot: Yes
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Speaker and Mic: Yes
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67 Waterproof
  • Battery Capacity: 2700mAh Lithium polymer battery

Features of the DM100 Smartwatch

The smartwatch is equipped with SIM functionality, you can insert a nano-SIM available on the bottom part of the wearable. With its nano SIM support, and 4G connectivity, the smartwatch has independent calls and messages, with its WIFI connection, you can tap directly on any WIFI and browse the web with its built-in browser.

DM100 smartwatch

It has a built-in camera, with features for video and picture capture. Or play music or video with your store MP3 music on the 16 GB of storage space or 32 GB of ROM.

Aside from the above functions, the smartwatch is equipped with activity monitoring, with step counter, calories, distance and heart rate monitoring. In short you can do a lot of things in the DM100 smartwatch, similar to your smartwatch. In fact, you can even download games in the device with its pre-installed Google Play app. Other functions included are calendar, alarm, sound recorder, social apps download and other popular applications.

Initial Review of the DM100 Smartwatch

The smartwatch caters to those who would love to have a smartwatch with a big screen. Or, for those who wanted to have smart notifications readily available. No need of taking the phone out of your pocket with the independent connectivity of the phone. I think the smartwatch is very useful to those who would love the outdoor and need a standalone device for their communication.

It is very useful especially if your hands are full and communication via your smartwatch is the only viable option. Anyways, the smartwatch has a plethora of apps available for download, so no questions on the feature that is offering. I guess the only drawback on the smartwatch is the battery life, which only takes several days, compared to tethered smartwatch with much longer battery life.

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