Disney Neo Smartwatch – Review of Features -Yoda, Mini Mouse Elsa and more

Disney Neo Smartwatch – Review of Features -Yoda, Mini Mouse Elsa and more

Smartwatch for kids are very popular this year, one of the latest to join the world of wearables for kids is the Disney Neo Smartwatch. The smartwatch was made possible by the partnership of Disney and Vodafone. Unlike other kids smartwatch, the Disney Neo smartwatch has a much more elegant mature look.

The smartwatch weighs grams, it is a lightweight wearable with a PC body and sporty silicon watch strap. Disney Neo smartwatch has a waterproof rating, of IP68 and can withstand up to 10 meters for 30 minutes. There is a camera on the top side of the wearable. A physical button on the side is ingenious. It protrudes, not really an obvious button but it’s a part of the wearable adding uniqueness and fashion to the wearable. The smartwatch is available in mint and ocean color.

We don’t have the exact details on the size of the screen. But checking on the video, it has one of the best displays in the kids smartwatch category. Sharp, crisp color screen with full touch screen operation.

So what are its features that make it one of the best smartwatch for kids this year and the next? Well, let’s check it out.


Features of the Disney Neo Smartwatch for Kids

One of the best features that kids will surely love as well as making it a collector’s item is the character option. Kids can personalize their smartwatch with their favorite character.

Pick from Baby Yoda, Grogu from The Mandalorian, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, and Minnie Mouse. It is a personalization character and more characters are coming. It not just wallpaper or a static photo, these characters make typical movements with sound effects.

Features to get healthy and play

The smartwatch has an activity tracker, it can track your steps, with goal options. Other features that make it a good wearable for kids are calendar and reminders.

Kids can set events to remind them. There is also a calculator to help them calculate numbers easily, there is also a weather feature. With its built-in camera, kids can capture wonderful memories, anytime and anywhere with clarity. The smartwatch has a built-in 5 MP camera.

Right now kids smartwatch is more than just telling time, or playing kids. One of the reasons why parents would like to buy their kids a smartwatch is for their safety.


The Disney Neo Smartwatch is loaded with its making your kids safer, even though you’re not around to guard them. With its preloaded SIM from VODAFONE, you can call, chat with your kids via emoji or direct messages. It also features a quick call function, where you can call them via touch of a button.

You can at least have 9 trusted contacts on the kids smartwatch. To add an additional safety feature, the smartwatch has a built-in GPS, you can see the location of your kids on the map available on your smartphone.

Basic Specifications of Disney Neo Smartwatch

Height: 14.8 mm Width: 44.5 mm

Weight: 40.6 g

Vodafone Smart SIM: Embedded in the device

Display: Color LCD display with full touch screen support

Waterproof Rating: IP68 10 meters for up to 30 minutes

Camera: 5 MP

Battery: Standby time up to 48 hours

Colors: Mint, Ocean

Package Contents: 1 x Neo Smart Kids Watch

1 x Alternative Strap, 1 x Charging Cable

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