[Review] Diggro DB07 Fitness Tracker –A Smartband with HRM + BPM

[Review] Diggro DB07 Fitness Tracker –A Smartband with HRM + BPM

It’s time again to bring you a wearable packed with heart rate monitor, pedometer as well as blood pressure monitoring. For a sporty and waterproof fitness tracker, check out one of the newest wearable in the market from Diggro, Diggro DB07 smartband.

It’s our lucky week, as we finally got the Diggro DB07 smartband is in our arsenal. If you are interested to learn more about the Diggro DB07 fitness tracker, spend time and check out our review on this newest fitness tracker from Diggro.


Having a sporty renewable strap and a direct USB method of charging, the Diggro DB07 has a simple approach in smartband design. The silicon strap that is flexible and durable is removable and has a tight grip on the body of the band but can easily be removed when you want to charge your wearable. It is also IP67 waterproof, able to withstand splash of water as well as a bit of rain water, it is waterproof, dustproof as well as with anti –corrosion feature.

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The Diggro DB07 has an HD 0.96” inch screen with 160 x 80 pixel resolution, it is a color LCD with intelligent light sensing system that automatically adjust based on the environment making it easy to read the text. To operate the smartband,  the touch key button will help you navigate and prolonge press to activate the selected feature.

Notable Features

Running the Dialog 14585 processor, this new wearable if Diggro has several notable features that you will surely like:

Health and Fitness Features:

The smartband has a pedometer to track your steps, but if you want an exercise routine, the Diggro DB07 has a “sport mode” to record your exercise as well as heart rate dynamics, distance as other data to monitor your health and performance.

24 Heart Rate Monitor – the smartband has a real time monitoring feature that monitors your heart rate automatically. It also has graphs and stats that you can check on the support app.

Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen – yes aside from heart monitor, the DB-07 has the feature to monitor your blood pressure with its pulse rate conduction technology.

Sleep Monitoring – automatic sleep monitoring, no need to set the smartband to monitor your sleep, it automatically monitor and analyse your sleep from light sleep, deep sleep and time when you are awake.

Summary of Features

Multiple Watch Faces – at least 3 watch faces to choose from, date, time with pedometer.

Training – Walking, Running, Cycling, Hiking

Additional options: Find phone, calorie, distance counter.


Just like other wearables, the smartband from Diggro features call reminder and push notifications. You can read the text messages directly on your smartband, as well as the ID of the person that is calling you. The Diggro DB07 can also receive push notifications from social apps like WeChat, QQ, Twitter, Facebook and other popular social messaging apps.


The 90 mAh Lithium polymer battery has a standby time of 10-15 days, the Diggro DB07 has a charging time of 1.5 hours which is average.  It is also easy to charge the band as you don’t need to have a charging cable to do it. The  Diggro DB07 has a direct USB charging design, just have find a USB port on laptop or an extra USB charger and plug it directly.


The smartband is a good pic for those who are looking for an affordable fitness tracker with the three popular features in a smartband, the pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor. It’s a pretty sleek, trendy fitness tracker with HD quality screen that adjust based on the surrounding light, making it easy to read the text. The battery has also a good standby time of 20 days, regarding the support app. Check out our video review below, see screenshot for more information.



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